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The Customer

CathRx is a manufacturer of innovative medical devices, based in Australia. CathRx released the Khelix, a range of high-quality, ‘reposable’ catheters used to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias.


The Application

The Khelix range features three types of catheters which utilise new technology that circumvents traditional catheters. Conventional catheters are expensive and can only be used once, whereas hospitals can reprocess the Khelix catheters using on-site sterilisation, thereby reducing their economic and environmental costs.

Every catheter requires branding with the product logo, part number, instructive marking, and traceability data. To satisfy the stringent quality standards of CathRx, the markings on the catheters must be readable, aesthetically pleasing, and permanent.


The Problem

When using a standard laser marking machine, any changes in the product shape, size, or marking position require multiple setups to allow the laser to target the desired areas.

Repositioning the machine to mark multiple catheters is a time-consuming process requiring regular operator intervention. Frequent operator intervention also increases the risk of an error occurring during the marking process.


The Solution

CathRx purchased Lotus Laser’s Meta C1 XL laser marking system, which was supplied and expertly installed by our Australian distributor AlfexCNC.

This enlarged version of the standard C1 model allows for the programming of adjustments in the focus (Z axis) and part positioning (X2 axis) without operator intervention.

The X2 axis can move the parts from left to right, in and out of the marking field. Using the X2 axis means that you can mark the first area, then move, and mark another area. The machine can be programmed to repeat the process until the maximum area that the axis can travel has been covered.

The Result

The design of the Meta C1 XL allows it to move the part and adjust the focus during the marking process.  A jig containing numerous catheter parts can be loaded into the Meta C1 XL with a single operation and the machine automatically adjusts to mark every part/position as required. This reduces the number of setups required and minimises the risk of errors occurring during production.

CathRx now has a precise marking system that is incredibly reliable, producing marked catheters that meet CathRx’s stringent quality standards. The intelligent software used by the Meta C1 XL reduces the level of operator intervention required and increases the number of Khelix catheters CathRx can mark in a day.

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