Jewellery Laser Engraving Machines

At Lotus Laser Systems we manufacture a range of jewellery laser engraving machines that cater to businesses both large and small. From practical desktop solutions that work well on shop-floor spaces to robust systems that cater to higher volume requirements, we’ve got the system to make your creative visions a reality.


Personalised Jewellery

Laser engraving is the method of marking intricate designs onto metal and other materials including leather and wood. It’s a practical solution for jewellers looking to add a personal touch to their product offering as it offers unlimited personalisation possibilities.

A jewellery laser engraving machine allows for the intricate personalisation of rings, bracelets and necklaces, enabling you to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces. So what can you create? Simple patterns on bracelets, date stamps on wedding bands and even immortalising a photograph onto a necklace. Laser engraving offers a permanent solution for unique products that will last a lifetime.

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Error Free Engraving

Precious Metals

From stainless steel and titanium to luxurious gold and silver, working with precious metals means there’s no room for error. Laser engraving is a contactless method of marking, meaning there’s no need to clamp down the product. This reduces the risk of any physical distortion or damage to the precious jewellery you’re engraving.



Laser Engravers for Jewellery

Whatever the size of your business, we’ve got the perfect jewellery laser engraving machine. From the compact nMeta that fits seamlessly into your retail space, to the robust Meta-C Fiber, our lasers come with a host of features that make engraving jewellery quick and easy. Use the precision camera to see exactly where you’re marking on those precious metals or attach a rotary device to engrave around the circumference of rings. The possibilities are endless.

A true desktop laser engraving machine, nMeta has a 30% smaller footprint than leading competitors meaning it will fit on most work-surfaces. Ideal for engraving metals and plastics in workshops, jewellers and most industrial environments.

Scan Area Laser Type Power (W)
112mm x 112mm Q-Switch Fiber 20

We know of no other MOPA fiber laser marking machine on the market today at this price point that delivers the performance and functionality of µMeta. Built using the same high-grade components as the rest of the Meta line, just more compact, boasting 16 wave-forms making it ideal for colour marking or complex tasks.

Scan Area Laser Type Power (W)
220mm x 220mm MOPA Fiber 20-30

Introduced in 2012, with a track record of near zero failures, the Meta-C Fiber laser engraving machine is built for millions of flawless operations, decades of use and supports the latest marking software and accessories.

Scan Area Laser Type Power (W)
300mm x 300mm MOPA Fiber 20-100

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The Benefits of a Laser Engraver for Jewellery

A jewellery laser engraving machine provides a much cleaner result compared to traditional engraving methods. Fast and efficient, it allows you to make permanent and lasting customisations on a range of materials, from precious metals such as gold and silver as well as less traditional materials including tungsten and titanium. With no need for etching chemicals, a jewellery laser engraver is a risk-free way of personalising your product offering.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Most Alloys

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