With more than twice the power commonly found in this size of laser cutter, the Blu70 delivers twice the cutting speed and cuts thicker materials more safely. Built to be the cost-effective and flexible solution for business and education alike.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
700mm x 500mm CO2 60



Robust and designed to last. These machines truly are ‘built like a tank’. Need convincing? Compare the customer feedback of a Blu laser cutter alongside alternatives. There’s simply no comparison.



Just some of the kind of materials that can be cut and engraved with our Blu70 CO2 laser are shown below.



With the Blu70 you can meet most cutting and engraving tasks within just a few moments.

Powerful Software

Every Blu model comes with Lotus Cut CAD/CAM software which is feature rich and easy to use. This software provides greater compatibility with industry artwork formats and can minimise process time, reduce errors and enhance output quality thanks to its powerful optimisation tools.

installation. support.


With Blu70’s safety features, installation, support and full training, peace-of-mind is guaranteed.

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Laser Cutting Machine

Blu70 Specification

Build quality

Designed, assembled, configured and tested in the UK to CE and RoHSII regulations and pending certification after testing by the TUV quality authority, Blu DC is a robust laser cutter from a manufacturer with over 20 years experience exclusive to laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking technology.

Call and arrange an appointment to visit our Basildon factory to see for yourself how much time and effort we put in to building a Blu laser cutter.


Laser source DC CO2 10.6µm
Laser power 60w
Work area 700 x 500mm
Dimensions (WDH) 165cm x 122cm x 104cm
Weight 240kg Approx
Laser Cooling Water
Lens Standard 2.5
Lens Option 1.5”, 2”, 4”
Air Assist Standard
Min Extraction Req. 972m3/hr
Software Lotus Cut

laser cutting machine


Blu70 is an entry-level machine, which comes with twice the power of competing machines in this class. Its 60w output allows the Blu70 to cut much thicker materials than many competing laser cutting machines.

Blu70 also has a larger work area than alternative entry-level workstations. Its 700x500mm work area offers users more room to cut materials than most competing machines on the market.

Blu70 machines are built to last and rarely experience any issues during use. This, coupled with very low maintenance costs, make them one of the most reliable laser cutting machines you can find for your business. We provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology and ongoing support to ensure the longevity of use.


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