nMeta – Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

A true desktop laser engraving machine, nMeta has a 30% smaller footprint than leading competitors meaning it will fit on most worksurfaces. Ideal for engraving or colour marking metals and plastics in workshops, jewellers and most industrial environments, nMeta is designed to mark millions of products over a decade and keep powering through.

Fitted with a 20W MOPA fiber laser or Q-Switch, programmable Z-axis and boasts a 112mm marking area. Supports a rotary device for engraving around a rings or cylinders.

Laser Engraving


Fitted with a fiber laser source and available with a rotary you can use the nMeta for personalisation, identification or branding.


nMeta 360 view

The nMeta desktop laser engraving machine is much more compact than most other offerings on the market.

It will comfortably sit on your desk or workbench whilst delivering the kind of functionality and reliability that is only found in high-end industrial lasers.

At just 45kg in weight and with a robust frame, nMeta is well suited for portable use around a workshop.

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Built for demanding environments and designed to last for a lifetime. Compliant with CE, RoHSII, ISO9001 and FDA regulations.


Sleek. Compact. Easy.

Jobs take just a few clicks to set-up and a few seconds to complete.

Spread the cost

Flexible Finance

Enhance your business today with the nMeta Desktop Laser Engraver.

If you are unable to commit to Capital Expenditure today, then why not take advantage of one of our finance packages? With payment terms of 1-5 years and low APR you can start making money from your machine straight away!

nMeta desktop laser engraver left cloxsed



With great features to make life easier, the nMeta desktop laser engraver will have you marking in seconds.

Desktop laser engraving machine




Designed, assembled, configured, and tested in the UK. Compliant with CE, RoHSII, ISO9001 and FDA regulations and pending certification after testing by the TUV quality authority, the nMeta is an ultra-compact desktop laser engraver with exceptional functionality and durability.

We choose very high-grade components and really do take our time to build this model, which is reflected by the proven track record of near zero faults in the field across many units installed. At this price point we feel that at time of publishing there really is no other system on the market to compete with this nMeta laser engraver on a like for like basis…

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Laser source MOPA or Q-Switched  20w
Max part size (lense: SL-1064-112)
Flat – Max height: 105mm. Work area 112mm
Rotary – Max part diameter – 60mm
Max part size (lense: SL-1064-70) Flat – Max height: 180mm. Work area 70mm
Rotary – Max part diameter – 150mm
Dimensions (WDH) 395 x 725 x 595mm (790mm with door open)
Software Lotus Mark v3.0
Global Warranty 3 years upgradable to 5 years (laser source variable dependent on type)
Programmable Z-axis, Quick-slot, PLC electronics
all standard
Laser Window (WH)
130 x 270mm
Safety Classification
Class 2 Laser Engraver Machine
Rotary, Extraction
optional extras


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