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As one of the first commercially available UV laser marking machines, the Meta-C UV is able to mark practically anything. Designed to serve the commercial or industrial sectors, built with our time-tested Meta-C chassis and with a projected working life of over 15 years, it is available with a 3W, 5W or 10W UV laser. As with all our Meta range, this ultraviolet laser marker is constructed using German electronics, Italian pneumatics and high-grade components. With a max marking area of 155mm, it is able to take a wide range of accessories from collaborative robots to conveyors.

A true desktop laser engraving machine, nMeta has a 30% smaller footprint than leading competitors meaning it will fit on most worksurfaces. Ideal for engraving or colour marking metals and plastics in workshops, jewellers and most industrial environments, nMeta is designed to mark millions of products over a decade and keep powering through. Fitted with a 20W MOPA fiber laser or Q-Switch, programmable Z-axis and boasts a 112mm marking area. Supports a rotary device for engraving around a rings or cylinders.

We know of no other MOPA fiber laser marking machine on the market today at this price point that delivers the performance and functionality of µMeta. Built using the same high-grade components as the rest of the Meta line, just more compact, this MOPA fiber laser boasts a minimum of 16 waveforms making it ideal for reliable, accurate engraving of metals and other materials. The µMeta features a maximum 220mm marking area, pneumatic door, programmable z-axis, can be fitted most of our accessories and comes complete with a 3-5 year warranty and lifetime remote support.

Introduced in 2012, with a track record of near zero failures, the Meta-C Fiber laser engraving machine is built for millions of flawless operations, decades of use and supports the latest marking software and accessories. Perfect for most sectors, from workshops to production lines, the Meta-C Fiber is built with Siemens PLC electronics, military-grade aluminium and is built to the highest quality. Featuring a wide range of laser and lense options, a marking area of up to 300mm, Meta-C comes with lifetime remote support.

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Suitability of the machine depends on the type of laser fitted, please speak to us for more details.

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At Lotus Laser Systems we appreciate how important it is to correctly specify a laser engraving machine, especially for commercial and industrial users. That’s why we balance each design of our laser engraving machines with careful consideration for Functionality, Affordability and Reliability.

Whether your job is to mark several thousand names, serial ID's or codes or a few extremely complex designs to high value items like jewellery we can provide the best laser engraver for you. We boast a range that spans most laser technology, from UV for glass or more difficult materials to galvo CO2 or MOPA fibre laser engraver machines (especially good for laser engraving metal), we pride ourselves on our diverse technology and knowledge.

Customers rely upon a Lotus Laser System to perform flawlessly over years of service all around the world and this is why it’s not uncommon to see multiple Lotus lasers installed in many workshops, universities, factories and shops. For more information or to arrange a live online demo, call us today on 01268 567540.