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Our staff are always happy to help you with any technical issues, advice or any other assistance you may need, whether it be servicing and troubleshooting for your laser cutter, engraver or ancillary.

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You will find a wealth of information, how-to’s, tips and general troubleshooting advice in our downloads section. Please contact us for access.

“Working with Lotus Laser has allowed us to improve the quality of the products that we make ten fold – they went above and beyond to help us make the correct purchasing decision for our business and made everything straight forward and simple – we cannot thank them enough for the quality of the machine, the level service and the support that they deliver to us a 5* totally faultless performance.”

“Lotus Systems became the clear winner for me when searching for my laser machine. They design and fabricate their own machines rather than selling on other brands so they know their products and the small features Lotus implemented just made the usability of the machine more enjoyable. The staff have been brilliant as I have emailed queries and have arranged for call out visits which they seem to address quickly with a friendly and enthusiastic service.”

“Always a pleasure dealing with this company, they are friendly, helpful and fully understand our business needs, whenever we have a machine issue, breakdown or service these guys are there to support. I deal with a lot of companies in relation to machine maintenance and repairs and these are by far one of the best I deal with”

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