Research & Development

Experts in laser marking & cutting systems

We are pioneers in a diverse spectrum of laser technologies, placing upmost value on our technology.

This is why our dedicated research and development department benefits from a higher percentage budget than almost all of our competitors. 

We have an ever expanding network of engineers and distributors who are experts in handling Lotus laser equipment. They conduct feasibility studies on materials and support the sales teams in demonstrations and application tests.

Our teams develop new systems and custom equipment to suit specific requirements and ascertain the optimal laser parameters for a wide variety of materials. 

To determine the best quality or speed for the individual materials (steel, plastic, etc.) tests are performed using Lotus laser machines. Optimised parameters are then provided to Lotus customers through our Lotus Mark or Lotus Cut laser software. Our information is regularly updated and helps save our customers time.

To demonstrate the variety of laser applications, the application engineers constantly develop new application examples. There are a number of examples to view in our video library and within our Youtube channel.

Our Basildon headquarters has an extensive R&D facility and onsite manufacturing capacity, our distributors can also assist in specific applications.

If you’d like further information on a specific requirement then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Recent Projects

Explore the cutting-edge initiatives undertaken by our Research and Development team at Lotus Laser. Delve into some of our recent projects which showcases the innovative strides our team has made in pushing the boundaries of laser technology.

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