3D Laser Engravers (3-Axis)

A 3D laser engraving machine is engineered to mark 3D shapes and surfaces with clarity and precision. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, we’ve established ourselves as a leading provider in this tech sector. Lotus Laser produce 3D laser engraving systems that offer sharper, finer details and a larger mark with a consistent depth to non-flat surfaces, all with impressively short processing times that will save you and your business time and money.

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Common Technology

Limitations of Rotary Devices

Old rotary

Most laser engraving machines use a rotary device to turn cylindrical objects during the laser marking process. This process can be very time consuming and, when engraving glass, can be somewhat of a high risk. Why? Due to its shape and delicate nature, cylindrical glass can be difficult to clamp, resulting in it slipping and the defective engraved product becoming unusable. And that’s not the only limitation. When using a rotary device, the laser beam delivery can only be in one plane (most commonly zero degrees), yet for the best results when laser engraving on glass, it’s required to deliver the beam at angles other than zero. In short, by using a rotary device, the highest quality of laser marking isn’t achievable.

We get it. A rotary device isn’t the most effective solution to laser engrave a non-flat surface. So what’s the alternative? Enter: the 3-Axis.


The Power of 3-Axis Marking

By using a 3-axis beam for 3D laser engraving, all the obstacles you face when using a rotary device are overcome. A state-of-the-art system, a 3-axis allows you to mark curvatures on your creations and, when combined with the rotary system, you can achieve unbeatable results.
Combining the benefits of 3-axis beam delivery with a rotary device means you can achieve maximum quality and surface area across almost any-shaped surface that is within scope of the technology. With a full understanding of the technology incredible results can be achieved. By combining the two systems, you can give your business huge commercial advantages compared to the conventional technology that most competitors will be using.



Here’s an example of the incredible detail that can be achieved using a Lotus Laser System Meta-C 5W UV laser and a 3-axis beam delivery. The 3-axis beam delivery system holds focus by mapping the 2D artwork onto a 3D model of the object then dynamically adjusting the focal point as it contacts the object’s surface. From the brightness of the mark to the crisp and clear 700um wide hairline seen on the (R) symbol, this is 3D laser engraving at its absolute finest.


Heineken Glass 3D Marked Branding 1

3D Capable


Whether you’re an industrial manufacturer or small business we have solutions to help you mark around curved and complex surfaces. From laser etching gin glasses to marking suspension parts, our laser machines are designed to do it all.

First introduced in 2012 and now in it's 7th incarnation, the Meta-C MOPA fiber laser engraving machine is built for 24/7 use over decades, it has a track record of near zero failures over millions of flawless operations and features our latest 3D laser head (3-Axis).

Beam Delivery Laser Type Power (W)
3D (3-Axis) MOPA Fiber 30-80

As one of the first commercially available UV laser marking machines, the Meta-C UV is able to mark practically anything. Designed to serve the commercial and industrial sectors, built with our time-tested Meta-C chassis, with a projected working life of over 15 years.

Beam Delivery Laser Type Power (W)
3D (3-Axis) Ultraviolet 5-15

Built for etching and engraving at speed, the Meta-C CO2 laser etching machine is a different beast to our Blu systems, built within the Gen7 Meta-C chassis, this 3D (3-Axis) Galvo CO2 laser source is extremely accurate and comes in a wide range of power options.

Beam Delivery Laser Type Power (W)
3D (3-Axis) CO2 60-80W

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