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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All trading transactions are covered by these terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Laserite Ltd, registered in England with company number 3136255, hereby referred to as ‘Laserite’ or ‘our’ or ‘we’ reserves all rights to our Intellectual Property (IP) including but not limited to; brands or trading names, logos, proprietary user guides, manuals, equipment design, web site design, brochure design in printed and/or electronic format, designs protected under registered trade mark or copyright or license, system modifications or accessories, software, educational and/or other forms of training scheme, production methods or any other proprietary operational processes as well as anything deemed to be confidential information – are not permitted to be used, copied, modified or distributed in any way whatsoever without our written consent. We shall aggressively defend our IP to the full extent of UK and International law.

Unless confirmed otherwise in writing on an order-by-order basis, we do not accept conditions of purchase including the verification of pricing for Purchase Orders.

All prices are as per our current price list or, where appropriate, as advised under specific separate written quotation or contract. Our prices are subject to influence by external factors that are often beyond our control such as but not limited to currency exchange rates and 3rd party vendors of parts/software incorporated to our products/processes.

All prices £Sterling (GBP), ex-works Laserite®, + VAT where applicable.

All new and non-UK accounts are supplied on a pro-forma basis. Orders will not be processed without receipt and clearance of full payment.

Approved credit accounts are accepted to the following terms unless agreed otherwise in writing: Payment by end of month following 30 days of invoice date.

Overdue amounts beyond 60 days of invoice date will incur interest charges of UK Base Rate + 3% per month, charged on a daily basis until all outstanding amounts (including costs/charges) are paid by receipt of cleared funds.

Accounts trading 90 days beyond agreed credit terms will be automatically suspended without prior notice and conditions #8 and #10 applied.

We reserve the right to seize stock while on our premises to hold in lieu of outstanding amounts until such outstanding amounts and any associated charges are cleared.

Any items including but not limited to goods, parts, products, equipment, software and other such materials supplied by Laserite® remain the property of Laserite® until payment is received in full. Where necessary, in case of non-payment we reserve the right to retrieve any items we hold title to

Minimum invoice total £50 + VAT. Orders for less than the minimum invoice total may incur a handling charge.

We reserve the right to alter and/or change any specification and/or prices for any services, systems or products that we supply without prior notice.

All claims for damaged goods during transit, short or incorrect delivery must be notified in writing and received by Laserite® within 4 working days of dispatch. Claims received after this time will not be accepted.

Payments by bank transfer must be made to include all bank and other transfer charges to the payee a/c.

Any orders requesting despatch without specific instructions will be despatched using our default despatch method; Mainland UK – Next Business day; All other destinations – Economy service.

All products and/or services are supplied on the understanding that all Laserite® trading Terms and Conditions have been read, understood and are accepted.

Additional terms and conditions apply for sales of equipment. Please refer to separate document.

Within the scope of English law in no event shall Laserite®, it’s employees, officials, officers or authorised agents be liable for loss of profit, data, or information of any kind, for any accident or personal injury, or for any special, collateral, incidental, consequential, indirect, punitive, or any other type of damages in connection with or arising out of the supply of any equipment, product, advice and/or services.

Laser Systems Terms and Conditions

This document is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of our working mechanism, trading terms and conditions. Adhering to these guidelines will protect the interests of all parties and ensure that we are able to provide you with the highest possible level of service. Please feel free to contact Laserite for clarification of any clause you do not fully understand.
These Terms and Conditions relate specifically to sales of laser systems, associated peripherals, system upgrades and system services including but not limited to service contracts, general/emergency support calls, support contracts, standard/extended warranties and training services provided by Laserite and are in ADDITION to our general trading Terms and Conditions.

Quotation scope – specifications: all quotations will outline a complete specification for the package being quoted. Any items not specifically listed within the document are not included within our quotation.

Quotation scope – pricing: all quotations will outline pricing, where appropriate including or excluding VAT, showing the required deposit and balance amounts. Where applicable, the amount showing a total inclusive of VAT will be the amount payable before any transfer of title can take place. All amounts will be shown in GBP (£).

Quotation duration: unless otherwise stated on the quotation document the duration of quotations will be for a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the date of issue. After this time the quotation will expire and another quotation should be requested.

Acceptance of order: Orders are not accepted unless received in the form of an official Purchase Order (PO). The Purchase Order must show clearly the quotation number to which it relates.

Confirmation/acceptance of order: Confirmation will be given by way of email. Where appropriate the deposit amount as detailed within the quotation must arrive at Laserite within 7 days of receipt of the Purchase Order. Orders are not confirmed as accepted without receipt and clearance of the deposit amount. Should the deposit amount not arrive within 7 days of receipt of the Purchase Order it may be necessary to issue another quotation to reflect any changes, such as but not limited to significant fluctuations in exchange rate, for example.

Invoice pricing; after confirming receipt of your order the invoice will be generated to the prices detailed within our most currently dated official quotation. Verbal advice and all other forms of correspondence relating to pricing including but not limited to earlier dated quotations, price lists and/or email should be disregarded. We do not accept pricing as outlined within Purchase Orders.

Promotional pricing/packages: from time to time we may offer promotional pricing and/or package offers. Such offers will always be limited in scope and availability, have specific additional conditions of sale and will be set within a clearly defined time deadline for receipt of orders. Orders for promotional packages/pricing will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Under no circumstances whatsoever will such promotions be extended beyond the scope and timeframe as outlined within the original promotion.

System specification: we reserve the right entirely at our discretion to alter at any time prior to delivery any aspect of the system including but not limited to components, software, features, colours, shape and design with an equivalent equal or greater in performance/value than the original.

Delivery dates: stated delivery dates are no more than estimated dates that are sometimes affected by circumstances beyond our control. Laserite cannot be responsible and/or does not accept any liability for delays with delivery.

Delayed delivery: where dispatch is delayed for reasons specific to the customer, the system will be stored for a period of up to 2 (two) weeks beyond the original delivery date. After this time additional charges will apply including but not limited to storage, handling and re-packaging. Additionally, after 4 (four) weeks delay of dispatch a charge of Bank of England Base rate + 3% per month (charged daily) will apply to the total invoice value.

Pre-Installation Guide (PIG): Upon receipt of the official purchase order and deposit the customer will be issued with the Pre-Installation Guide (herewith known as the PIG) to explain in great detail all that is required to provide necessary and appropriate resources, environment and to describe how to make ready the site ahead of the arrival of the system. The PIG contains a declaration of acceptance & understanding that must be signed by a person of authority acting for and on behalf of the customer. Delivery of the system will not commence without receipt of the signed PIG declaration.

Acceptance of the PIG is contractually binding. Additional charges potentially amounting to significant amounts will likely apply in circumstances where it is found that
the terms of the PIG are not applied and/or adhered to.

Insurance: Upon delivery of the system, insurance of the entire consignment on an ‘all-risks’ basis is the responsibility of the customer.

Warranty scope: Scope of the warranty for each product will be provided at the point of invoice on a basis individual to each sale.

Warranty conditions: Warranty conditions are specific to each installation and will be outlined with the warranty document provided at the point of invoice. Where the warranty conditions are not adhered to the warranty will become irrevocably void.

Payment terms: Payment terms will be stated on the invoice. Where payment is late a period of grace will apply of 7 (seven) days. After this time a charge will be applied of Bank of England Base rate + 3% per month (charged daily) for the total amount outstanding.


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