Laser Cutting Acrylic

Acrylic laser cutting machines are extremely fast, accurate, reliable and hygienic. 

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Acrylic, Perspex and similar plastics are used for many applications and have had a recent surge in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is in part due to it being hygienic in nature and easy to clean.

Put simply, acrylic has become the material of choice versus other materials such as glass and metal, because the price, availability and ease-of-use outweighs other options. Versus other methods, laser cutting is straightforward and exceptionally fast, needing no consumable parts and is extremely reliable.

Laser Machine for Acrylic Cutting

With typically twice the speed and lifespan of competing products, our CO2 based laser machine for acrylic cutting and engraving are used throughout the industry and relied on by some of the largest suppliers in the market. A laser machine for acrylic cutting can be modular and easily integrated into any existing manufacturing process. They need minimal human intervention to operate, allowing a machine to produce at a fast rate without interruption.

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Acrylic Laser Engraving Machine

As a non-contact technology, an acrylic laser engraving machine does not cause secondary damage to the object being marked, producing perfectly clean cuts or marks free of damage. Compared to traditional engraving methods, an acrylic laser engraving machine is extremely accurate and the material does not undergo stress.

With our well-honed systems speed is a given, so you can always be confident in delivering your cutting or engraving products on time.

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How it works

To laser engrave acrylic you use a high-intensity laser to raise the temperature of an incredibly thin layer of the plastic, causing it to melt and form a modified surface. Higher intensity CO2 lasers can be used to cut through the surface of the plastic.

Laser Cut Acrylic Uses

Acrylic sheets are impact resistant and shatterproof making them perfect for any use. Furthermore, as acrylic is lighter and more durable than glass with transparent, mirrored and coloured acrylics options; they are ideal for hygiene safety panels, splashbacks, signs, doors, windows, models, parts, products and much more. An acrylic laser engraver can create the kind of effect you can see in the image on the right.


Laser cut acrylic sheets are extremely fast to manufacture, even for the toughest plastic types. Complex contours do not prove to be an issue for our laser cutting machines. The edges of laser cut plastic come out cleanly, with no need for post-processing.

Videos & Examples

Please see cutting and acrylic engraving laser machines at work below:

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