Perspex Laser Cutter

In the world of modern design and fabrication, precision and versatility are of the utmost importance. One technology that has revolutionised the way modern manufacturers work with materials like Perspex is the laser cutter. Offering incredible accuracy and high speeds, a Perspex laser cutter is in a league of its own when you compare it to traditional cutting methods. Let’s take a look at how laser technology outshines its conventional counterparts…

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Understanding Perspex and its Appeal

Perspex, also known as acrylic or plexiglass, is a transparent thermoplastic that has gained popularity due to its versatility, lightweight nature, and ease of manipulation. Its applications span across industries, including signage, architectural models, jewellery, crafts, and even medical devices. However, working with Perspex requires precision and a fine touch, which is where laser cutting technology shines.


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Modern Technology

The Laser Advantage

Unparalleled Precision
Laser cutters use focused beams of light to cut through materials, allowing for incredibly precise cuts. This is particularly important when working with Perspex, where intricate designs and details matter.

Minimal Material Wastage
Traditional cutting methods often result in a significant amount of material wastage due to the width of the cutting tool or the heat generated during the process. Laser cutters, however, minimise wastage and maximise throughput.

Intricate Designs
Laser cutters can create intricate and complex designs that would be practically impossible or very time-consuming to achieve with traditional methods. This is a huge advantage when crafting items like jewellery, architectural models, or decorative pieces.

Speed and Efficiency
Laser cutting is exceptionally fast, making it ideal for both small-scale projects and large production runs. The speed of laser cutting allows for rapid prototyping and streamlined manufacturing processes.

Clean and Smooth Edges
Laser cutting produces clean and polished edges, eliminating the need for additional finishing work. This is especially crucial when working with transparent materials like Perspex, where any imperfections are readily visible.


Perspex Laser Cutter Applications

Perspex Office Divider

Signage and Displays
A Perspex laser cutter can be a particularly useful tool for manufacturing signage and displays. Perspex is widely used in creating signage for businesses, events, and exhibitions. The precision of laser cutting ensures that intricate logos, fonts, and designs are accurately replicated.

Prototyping and Model Making
Architects and designers often utilise laser-cut Perspex to create scaled-down architectural models or prototypes. The precision of the laser cutter ensures that all details are accurately represented.

Art and Crafts
Laser-cut Perspex opens up endless possibilities for artists and crafters. It can be used to create intricate jewellery, ornaments, stencils, and decorations.

Enclosures and Casings
In industries such as electronics and manufacturing, Perspex enclosures and casings are a popular choice due to their transparency and durability. Laser cutting ensures precise openings and a snug fit for components.



Whether you’re crafting signage displays or constructing intricate architectural models, a Perspex laser cutter allows you to achieve remarkable results that were once thought to be unattainable with traditional cutting methods. At Lotus Laser Systems we manufacture a wide range of laser solutions ideally configured for laser cutting Perspex. Get in touch today, our experts would be happy to recommend which configuration best suits your application.

With more than twice the power commonly found in this size of laser cutter, the Blu70 delivers twice the cutting speed and cuts thicker materials more safely. Built to be the cost-effective and flexible solution for business and education alike.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
700mm x 500mm CO2 60

Specifically sized to minimise material waste, the Blu100 is our best selling CO2 laser cutter. Capable of cutting thicker materials (even 18mm mdf in some cases), this laser cutter is robust, fast, versatile and comes with our great 2yr warranty.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
1000mm x 600mm CO2 80

With its huge 1250x900mm work area and a massive 100w of CO2 laser power, Blu125 is the ideal laser cutter to ensure that almost no job is too large or too long in process time maximising margins, giving the freedom to create more challenging designs as well as increasing the number of users that can gain access to the laser cutter during a single day.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
1250mm x 900mm CO2 100

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