Metal Laser Engraver Technology

Metal laser engraver machines are extremely fast, long-lasting, accurate and reliable. 

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Metal laser engraver technology has become so pivotal that it is used extensively in both big industries and smaller-scale applications. 

Industrial parts such as pipes, fittings, and motor parts are marked with parts numbers, tracking numbers, serial and QR codes. Whereas the versatility and accuracy of the technology allows for company branding, artwork and more on personalised items such as jewellery, cutlery, sport goods and well, the list goes on…

Types of Metal

Read more about some of the many metals you can laser engrave, mark or cut…

Laser Etching Metal

For manufacturers of car parts, aerospace, engineering and more; a traceability system is critical to quality monitoring. The use of a laser etching machine for metal parts ensures that these marks are permanent, resistant to a lot of friction and heat and will remain long into the future.

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Personalised Laser Etching

In addition to engineering parts and tools, laser etching machines are used for metal promotional gifts, jewellery, and branding. Personalised items made of metal often include bottles, lighters, shavers, cutlery, picture frames, key fobs, and much more. Laser engraving provides versatility and accuracy when portraying a personalised result.

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How it works

A laser engraving machine removes only a thin layer of the metal material to make permanent marks and not enough to cause any structural damage, typically fibre systems are the best to achieve this effectively. Higher intensity machines can be used to cut the metal.

Another interesting process is that of annealing, as used by a multitude of our customers, annealing does not remove material, but in contrast it alters the metal at a molecular level – resulting in a change of colour.

Metal Engraving Laser Uses

Aside from components, a fibre laser machine can be used to make legible marks on common engineering tools such as callipers, spanners and drill bits. Some of these parts require a high level of accuracy, making a metal engraving laser a particularly suitable technology for marking characters that are still legible at 1-point size. With measuring tools, the precision and accuracy of the markings are critical. The automated aspect of a laser etching machine delivers superior repeatability and consistency, ensuring that measuring tools are marked and positioned perfectly.

Metal Type Suitability

The types of metals that a laser engraver can be used on are as varied as its applications. Make resilient marks on stainless steel, soft metals, hardened metals, alloys, titanium, brass, copper, carbides, high-speed steels, aluminium, anodised metals, coated metals, and precious metals such as silver and gold. With the right equipment and experienced operator, switching over from one metal to another can be as simple as a couple of clicks.