Why Lotus Laser Systems?

Exceptional Endurance

We significantly up-rate each component, test and retest. This is why we offer some of the longest warranties on the market.

Made in Britain

As one of the oldest UK manufacturers of laser machines, you can be confident in our range. The number of repeat customers speaks for itself.

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Take a look at some of the incredible work and success our customers have had over the years in our case studies.

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We will work with you to supply exactly the right laser solution and provide ongoing support to prolong the working life of your laser system.

Lotus Laser Systems is a specialist in lasers. In other words we don’t just sell you a laser machine, deliver the box and walk away. That delivery is just the first of the invaluable laser services we provide for your company. 

Today, whether you are an educator requiring a laser cutter, etching laser or/and laser engraving machine to inspire your students’ design and technology potential; an established manufacturer wishing to speed up production with industrial laser cutters, or are starting a business which will rely on an efficient laser machine, Lotus Laser Systems can provide you with the information, the tools and the vital on-going backup to help you achieve the optimum results. And if a standard solution will not meet your requirements, we can design and build a bespoke, customised solution for you.

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