Blu250 is the ideal machine for cutting over-sided parts. A truly massive machine, Blu250 is not suitable for all sites but for heavy commercial or industrial users that are cutting very high volumes, very large parts or very thick materials Blu250 delivers performance and opportunities where flying optic lasers simply cannot.

What can the laser cut & etch?

Features that help you minimise waste and speed up work

Industrial Cooling

All Blu laser cutters are supplied with industrial grade recirculating water cooling units, which are electronically connected to the laser cutter and protected by a flow sensor so that in the event the machine is powered on without the cooling unit operating correctly no power is supplied to the laser.

Lamella Bed

Many alternative laser cutters are supplied with Honeycomb cutting tables, which quickly deteriorate and require periodic replacement that is very costly.
The lamella bed of all Blu model laser cutters should last the lifetime of the machine and coupled with our Underside Extraction feature as standard, the worktable of a Blu laser cutter delivers reliable, consistently high quality output year after year.

Graded DC Lasers

There are inconsistencies inherent to the technology of a DC CO2 laser so that no two DC lasers are ever the same. Far from the industry norm, we thoroughly test every DC lasers that we source and if any do not make the grade (as we define it) we simply reject them. Our DC lasers always outlast and outperform alternative suppliers products.

Air Assisted Nosecone

A well designed air assisted nosecone is essential for improving edge quality and minimising the risk of flaming (fires), which is why all industrial laser cutters have such a device.
Our design in particular has the advantage of a nosecone length that is specific to the lens being used and wide diameter hoses to deliver extra high volumes of air.

Build quality

Designed, assembled, configured and tested in the UK to CE and RoHSII regulations and pending certification after testing by the TUV quality authority, Blu DC is a robust laser cutter from a manufacturer with over 20 years experience exclusive to laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking technology.

Call and arrange an appointment to visit our Basildon factory to see for yourself how much time and effort we put in to building a Blu laser cutter.


Laser source DC CO2 10.6µm
Laser power 200w
Work area 1325 x 2500mm
Dimensions (WDH) 242cm x 360cm x 118cm
Weight 1400kg Approx
Laser Cooling Water
Lens Standard 2.5
Lens Option 1.5”, 2”, 4”
Air Assist Standard
Min Extraction Req.  
Software Lotus Cut


Can Blu be lifted up stairs or situated in hard to access areas?

Yes; Sometimes it can, however, this requires professional lifting services and in some cases we would need to disassemble and rebuild the machine in situe. In such circumstances extra charges will apply therefore careful pre-purchase planning is essential

What is LEV and what is P601?

LEV (Local Extraction and Ventilation) are a set of COSHH regulations enforced by law for any device that is used to remove potentially harmful contaminants from the workplace. Under the law any device falling within the scope of LEV must be tested and certified at minimum every 14 calendar months and records for such tests held of a minimum period of 5 years. Failure to adhere to the requirements is punishable by law with significant penalties including imprisonment. A professional accreditation called P601 exists whereby certified engineers have undertaken and passed rigorous training and testing to the LEV standards. We therefore recommend that only P601 certified contractors are used to test/certify devices under LEV regulations.

Why don’t you have auto focus as a feature for Blu?

We do not offer auto focus as a feature primarily because it does not work well. Machines that use sensors will only scan a small section of the material and find the highest point and such devices will not work well with transparent materials, like clear acrylic. Machines that use probes add excessive weight to the focus carriage that deteriorates performance and output quality as well as not allowing processing of some parts as the probe can collide with the part. Machines that use focusing by software are prone to expensive accidents when a head collision with the table occurs. We feel our design is simpler, safer and more practical to use and by not having auto focus Blu is less cost to purchase too.

Why do you call Blu a laser cutter when it can also engrave?

Blu is designed primarily as a cutting laser that can engrave, which is why for laser cutting applications it can often outperform other plotter format lasers that are x3 or x4 its cost. This is because those alternative machines are primarily designed as engraving lasers that can cut. Despite what others may claim there is a difference. Good engraving lasers in a plotter format will have a lightweight focus carriage and either no air assist or a very narrow air assist hose. Our focus carriage is heavier because it carries a large diameter hose and a heavy duty nosecone, which is better for cutting. Blu also incorporates a DC laser source, which is good for cutting. RF laser alternatives are better for engraving because the RF technology can deliver a faster pulse (pulse rise/fall). Higher power DC lasers are more affordable but RF lasers are not. Generally, cutting sheet materials like acrylic does not require a laser with a fast rise/fall; more benefit can be had from having a higher power in Watts. Therefore the design of Blu is primarily for cutting applications, hence why we call it a laser cutter.

Why don’t you offer a rotary device with Blu or a table that can drop very low?

A rotary device is primarily used for engraving applications. Blu is not designed as a laser engraver; its core design is for cutting sheet materials <25mm thickness. At Lotus we specialise in the technology of laser materials processing, so we have other designs of machines that do have rotary devices and greater material clearance.

Why is the DC CO2 laser within Blu warranted for 2 years when others are 10 months, 6 months or even 3 months?

Some DC lasers can be purchased for less than £100 but typically these will be of a very poor design and manufacture quality. Some manufacturers of such products warrant them for only 1 month so they are often out of warranty before they are even fitted to the machine. It is therefore left to the reseller to offer the warranty and to lower their risk some will offer purchasers short warranty periods. At Lotus we take great care to buy well made lasers from reliable sources but even so, we then grade in-house all of the lasers that we purchase. Unfortunately, this does result in us rejecting some of the lasers we buy, which adds to our costs. As a result of our strict QC process we have installed machines where the DC CO2 laser has lasted in excess of 3 years so we are confident to offer a 2 year warranty for all of our DC CO2 lasers.

Does it matter which size and type of filtration device I use?

Yes; it is extremely important that the performance of the filter unit and the size/type of media within it are carefully matched to the size of the laser cutter as well as the type and volume of fumes produced by the core application.

If I do not use a filtration device can I use a small fan to blow the fumes out of a window or wall opening?

Absolutely not! Installations like this are extremely unsafe, break regulations and laws. Where fume extraction is to the atmosphere an industrial grade blower with professionally designed and installed duct work is essential.

Does underside extraction and a high flow air assisted nosecone really make a difference?

Absolutely yes! Especially for high debris applications such as cutting wood and also for high risk applications such as cutting very thick acrylic. When paired correctly the downdraft of the underside extraction will draw fumes away from the material while simultaneously the air from the nosecone will push fumes down through the cutting path. As a result the material is cut cleaner, the machine optics and mechanics suffer little if any contamination and even the cutting speed can be improved too. Having these features is often essential for some applications but good design is key too. Ideally, for maximum efficiency of underside extraction the air should be taken from the centre of the work table through a funnel shaped device with side of equal shape. Equally important is the diameter of the hose that delivers pressurised air to the nosecone; too thin in diameter and the air volume is restricted. Some systems have extremely thin air assist hoses that renders the feature near to useless.

Why is the Lamella Bed better than a Honeycomb Cutting Table (HCT)?

Most HCT on the market are made from a weak aluminium material that is designed to be laminated between two rigid boards; i.e. it was never intended to be used as a laser cutting table. This material damages easily, cannot be cleaned and deteriorates very fast, therefore it requires frequent replacement that is often costly. The more that you use a HCT the faster it will deteriorate. As the cells of the HCT deteriorate they cause increasing back reflection that can damage the underside of the material; they cause defocusing of the laser and can even cause flaming (fires). By contrast lamellas are strong and cannot get damaged with normal use; they can be removed to totally prevent backward reflection and they can be cleaned. If well maintained lamellas will last the lifetime of the laser cutter.

Why are the lenses and mirrors that you use in Blu so expensive when I can buy the same products on eBay for a fraction of your price?

In short; it’s unlikely that you are comparing like with like. As with DC CO2 lasers, laser optics come from many different manufacturers and while they may look the same they certainly are not. A poorly manufactured laser optic (lens, mirror, beam combiner) will at best attenuate (drain) laser power resulting in slower cutting speeds and reduced laser cutting performance. At worst such optics will deteriorate very fast requiring more frequent replacement. In some cases laser optics can catastrophically fail causing further consequential damage to other system components. Given that good quality laser optics fitted to a well set-up and maintained laser cutter should last a number of years, we feel it’s not worth compromising performance and reliability for the sake of using lower cost optical components.

Why can I see Blu machines on other peoples web sites?

We operate a growing network of authorised sales and support partners around the world, all of whom will advertise our products on their independent web sites. Where you see the Lotus registered trade mark you will likely be looking at a genuine Lotus Laser System. Unfortunately, as with most successful brands ours is subject to copy and counterfeit so if you are unsure please contact us for verification before you make a purchase. Please note that we do not support illegal copies of our products no matter what circumstances surround the purchase.

Why should I use Lotus Cut software instead of a printer driver?

Using a print driver is fast and convenient but often compromises the functionality and user interaction with the laser. Lotus Cut is easy to use but powerful and feature enriched CAD/CAM software. It allows direct control of the laser cutter without the need to own or use a graphics package. It provides for machine optimisation that might otherwise require the work of laser support technician. Lotus Cut delivers post artwork process optimisation such as time efficient cutting order, data checking to find and remove errors commonly found within artwork files such as broken paths or overlapping vectors. Using Lotus Cut is not only more convenient but it will save the user time, waste less material and improve output quality

Why Choose Lotus?

Powerful Software

All Blu model laser cutters come with easy to use, feature enriched Lotus Cut CAD/CAM software. Unlike the alternative print driver type machines, using our software provides far greater compatibility with common industry artwork formats, extra functionality to alter drawings at the laser cutting machine without having to open an expensive graphics package and, best of all, powerful optimisation tools to minimise process times, reduce errors and enhance output quality.

Expert Installation & Training

DIY installation of a DC laser cutter is almost certainly a recipe for disaster in one way or another be it incorrect set-up leading to faulty operation, premature component failures or simply poor performance due to a lack of understanding of how best to use the laser cutter and its control software. Our support starts before the laser cutter is delivered as we help the owner with pre-installation advice to provide the optimal environment for the machine. We use professional delivery staff and supply expert installation and training to help the owner avoid unnecessary and sometimes costly inconveniences.

Industry leading after sales support

At Lotus we spend considerable time and money to factory train our staff and resellers. We even have staff trained to P601 LEV accreditation. All Lotus Laser Systems come with unlimited remote (phone/email/Skype/etc) factory support for the lifetime of the product. Our warranties are wide in scope and we offer warranty upgrades to 5 years for all parts and labour including the laser as well as preventative on-site maintenance packages so that all Lotus owners can tailor support to their individual needs and get on with using the laser cutter rather than worrying about how to fix it.

Low Cost Ownership

We invite you to compare the weight of a Blu laser cutter to alternatives and you will appreciate that Blu is ‘built like a tank’. We design these machines to last. Not only affordable to purchase, Blu laser cutters are also extremely low cost to own and maintain too. With thousands of machines in the field and with the help of our highly skilled support resources our customers report near zero failures even for machines that have been installed for 10 years or more.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the incredible work and success our customers have had over the years in our case studies.


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