Meta-C • Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Introduced in 2012, with a track record of near zero failures, the Meta-C Fiber laser engraving machine is built for millions of flawless operations, decades of use and supports the latest marking software and accessories.

Scan Area Laser Type Power (W)
300mm x 300mm MOPA Fiber 20-100

Laser Engraving


Fitted with a MOPA Fiber laser source and available with 3-axis for true 3D laser marking you can use Meta-C for anything.


Meta-C 360 view

Built for performance-critical companies, the Meta-C is high-end industrial solution built for the rigors of a demanding environment.

One of the most feature enriched laser marking and laser engraving machines in its class and can be configured with a 1µm Q-switched laser, 1064nm MOPA Fiber laser, 10.6µm CO2 laser or even a 355nm UV laser source.

Meta-C delivers outstanding levels of output quality, reliability and functionality.

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Built for industrial and commercial facilities, with a typical lifespan exceeding 15 years and counting. Compliant with CE, RoHSII, ISO9001 and FDA regulations.


Robust. Powerful. Easy.

State-of-the-art technology and a straightforward interface.



The Meta-C MOPA Fiber laser engraving machine is designed to speed up your production.



Designed, assembled, configured and tested in the UK to ISO9001 (2015), CE and RoHSII regulations, Meta-C is one of, if not the most feature enriched and functional laser marking workstations on the market today.

We choose very high grade components and really do take our time to build this model, which is reflected by the proven track record of near zero faults in the field across a large number of units installed. At this price point we feel that at time of publishing there really is no other system on the market to compete with this Meta-C laser engraving machine on a like for like basis…

Meta C Gen7 Blueprint

In Detail

Laser source MOPA  1064 nm Fiber 20w / 30w / 50w / 60w / 70w / 80w

10.6um CO2  30w / 50w / 75w

UV 355nm  3w / 5w / 10w

Work area Variable according to source: 70mm to 300mm
Max part size (lense: SL-1064-112) Flat – Max height: 397mm. Work area 112mm
Rotary – Max part diameter – 250mm
Max part size (lense: SL-1064-174) Flat – Max height: 273mm. Work area 174mm
Rotary – Max part diameter – 239mm
Max part size (lense: SL-1064-220) Flat – Max height: 186mm. Work area 220mm
Rotary – Max part diameter – 64mm
Dimensions (WDH) 790 x 1160 x 1030mm
Software Lotus Mark v3.0
Global Warranty 3 years upgradable to 6 years (laser source variable dependent on type)
Programmable Z-axis, T-slot, External start, Siemens PLC electronics all standard
Rotary axis, conveyor feed and Cobot optional extras

Meta-C Fiber

Unbeatable Upgrades.



Available with a very wide range of laser wavelengths, output powers, varying beam characteristics and packed with performance enhancing features Meta-C is our flagship laser engraving, marking and cutting workstation. Meta-C is a powerhouse of a machine delivering the best performance and functionality in its class. It’s the ideal solution for those that require the ultimate performance and reliability to service high production demands.

Meta-C also comes with unrivalled connectivity to external devices such as robots and other forms of automated handling devices. Meta-C can be used with a conveyor belt or rotary device to further improve the engraving and marking process.

Meta C MOPA Fiber Laser Engraving Machine


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