Tritan™ is a form of plastic with unique characteristics. Developed by Eastman Chemical Company, it has gained incredible popularity in a range of industries for its combination of strength, clarity, and chemical resistance. Strong, tough, and transparent, Tritan™ is optically clear and almost indistinguishable from glass in its appearance. Let’s find out more about this unique material and discover what sets it apart from other plastics…

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Properties of Tritan™

Tritan™ is a copolyester which means that acids and chemicals have been added to the base plastic to make the new material. It has emerged as a groundbreaking material for a range of industries thanks to its clarity, durability and versatility.

Tritan™ material boasts exceptional clarity, closely resembling the appearance of glass. This transparency makes it an ideal choice for products where aesthetics and visibility are crucial, as it allows for a clear view of the contents within.

Impact Resistant
Tritan™ is highly durable and can withstand rough handling without cracking or breaking. It makes it an excellent choice for applications that require products to endure challenging environments.

Chemical Resistance
Tritan™ has a high resistance to a range of chemicals, including many cleaning agents and acids.

Resistant to Heat
Tritan™ can withstand relatively high temperatures without fear of warping or losing its structural integrity.

Tritan™ has outstanding strength to weight ratio characteristics and is lighter than glass, making it a practical solution for applications where weight reduction is paramount.

Food Safe
Tritan™ is a BPA-free plastic and is considered safe for food and beverage contact. Its chemical stability ensures that it won’t leach harmful substances into consumables.


Typical Applications

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Tritan™ is heat resistant, shatter-proof and it can be sterilised. Unlike almost all other transparent plastics, some forms of Tritan™ are dishwasher safe, with some manufacturers claiming up to 1,000 washes without loss of clarity or crack formation.

Drinkware Bottles
Tritan™ is widely used to produce water bottles, sports bottles and other drinkware because its durable and resistant to chemicals. Its ability to withstand repeated use and ease of cleaning makes it a preferred choice for these applications.

Baby Products
Thanks to its food-safe properties, chemical resistance and ease of cleaning, Tritan™ is often used for making baby bottles, toddler cups and dummies.

Its heat resistance and transparency makes Tritan™ suitable for kitchenware such as blender jars, food storage containers and microwaveable dishes.

Consumer Accessories
Some electronic devices, most notably smartphone cases, benefit from Tritan’s™ lightweight nature and impact resistance.

Tritan™ can be found in automotive lighting components, interior trim and other car parts that require its durability and clarity.

Alfresco Dining  
Tritan™ is often used for making camping equipment such as lightweight and shatterproof utensils and tableware.

Modern technology

Laser Engraving Tritan™

Tritan does not engrave or mark well by 10.6µm or 1µm laser wavelengths, however it engraves beautifully by UV. UV lasers work a little differently to CO2 or Fibre as they do not damage the materials surrounding surface, using a far lower power form of marking. Working at a wavelength of 355nm, UV lasers exhibit a significantly shorter wavelength compared to the other technologies in this context. Employing a method referred to as “cold processing,” UV lasers emit high-energy photons within the ultraviolet spectrum, which effectively disrupt the chemical bonds within the material. This disruption leads to non-thermal damage to the material, meaning it will not generate any heat-related deformations in the inner layers and nearby areas of the target area.

When using a UV laser to mark Tritan™ the result is similar to that of sandblasted glass, leaving a crisp, clear and legible white mark.



Whether you’re marking Tritan™ sports bottles for personalisation or measurements on baby bottles, a UV laser allows you to achieve remarkable results that are unattainable with other methods such as printing. At Lotus Laser Systems we manufacture a wide range of laser solutions ideally configured for laser marking Tritan™. Get in touch today, our experts would be happy to recommend which configuration best suits your application.

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