Laser Solutions for Schools & Universities

How do you inspire young minds? Give them the freedom to create. Laser engravers and laser cutters are invaluable tools in the classroom, assisting in various projects from model woodworking and art and design, to creating parts for prototypes and laser cutting textiles. The possibilities are endless.

So, whether it’s a school, university, Fablab or other educational institution, let’s explore why laser cutters and learning environments are the perfect pairing…


Innovation in Education

Spark ideas and boost creativity with the right laser cutter for schools. A laser cutting machine can make the mundane into something magnificent, turning just another day in the classroom into an interactive lesson they won’t want to leave. Working with a Lotus Laser system, students will be able to develop their ideas from initial concept to end product, and because our machines can cut and/or engrave a wide range of materials from wood to acrylic, the only limit is their imagination.

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Safe Learning

A laser engraving or laser cutting machine is a big investment and finding a safe, affordable solution for students isn’t always easy. To give learners access to the latest technology the best, and most cost-effective way, is to bring the laser machine onsite, however this must be done in a safe way.

With the right knowledge, laser cutting and laser engraving machines are suitable for students of all ages. Utilising clean and safe laser applications, our machines allow students to work independently on their projects, cutting and engraving countless of materials depending on their needs.

User knowledge varies, that’s why we offer full support after installation, guaranteeing remote support for the lifetime of your machine. Need to know how to move the axis? Having trouble with a particular application? We’re always on hand to help with any queries big or small so you can get back to doing what’s important: teaching..

P601 Certified Installation

Under HSE’s Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) testing is a legal requirement in the UK. Your equipment must be thoroughly examined and tested by a competent person at least every 14 months to ensure your employees and students are safe.

Not only is this a legal requirement, but it is just common sense to abide by air safety standards for both the health of students and the general public. That’s why are systems are installed by a P601 certified engineer and we fit certified filtration systems. You may be breaking the law if you simply vent your laser through a window, it must be adequately filtered before any particulates and gases are vented back into the atmosphere. You can find out more on the HSE website.

CE Certified

CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. It is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are then marketed in the EU.

Sadly, there are a great deal of companies that provide laser solutions to end users which do not carry the CE mark. Furthermore, there are many imported and low cost “Class 4” (open laser) style products flooding the EU market, even being sold by major retailers. These can be extremely dangerous if the user is not qualified and properly protected.


Finding the Right Machine

So what’s the best laser cutter for your classroom? Whether it’s a school or university, you first need to establish the primary use of your laser machine.

  • What projects will the students be undertaking?
  • Will they be engraving, marking, cutting or a combination of these?
  • What materials are they likely to be working with?
  • How many people will be using it?

First introduced in 2012 and now in it's 7th incarnation, the Meta-C MOPA fiber laser engraving machine is built for 24/7 use over decades, it has a track record of near zero failures over millions of flawless operations and features our latest 3D laser head (3-Axis).

Beam Delivery Laser Type Power (W)
3D (3-Axis) MOPA Fiber 30-80

Specifically sized to minimise material waste, the Blu100 is our best selling CO2 laser cutter. Capable of cutting thicker materials (even 18mm mdf in some cases), this laser cutter is robust, fast, versatile and comes with our great 2yr warranty.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
1000mm x 600mm CO2 80

With more than twice the power commonly found in this size of laser cutter, the Blu70 delivers twice the cutting speed and cuts thicker materials more safely. Built to be the cost-effective and flexible solution for business and education alike.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
700mm x 500mm CO2 60

The above questions are just some of those we’ll need to establish before recommending the right system for your educational institution. Get in touch today and let’s see how we can inspire the great minds of tomorrow.

Keeping up-to-date

Technology and its Place in the Classroom.

Technology plays an important role both in the modern world and the school curriculum, that’s why we’ve invested in powerful software to set your students up for success. The Meta range run Lotus Mark 3.0 and the latest Siemens PLC electronics, so sending graphics and setting up advanced marking jobs can be done quickly and efficiently. The Blue model laser cutters come with easy-to-use, feature rich Lotus Cut CAD/CAM software or Lightburn, depending on your institution’s requirements, so even the most intricate of projects are a breeze.


Example Applications

Laser Cutting & Engraving Leather

There are a multitude of different colours, thickness and types of leather. Leather can be...

Laser Engraving Photos to Wood

All natural timbers and most engineered wooden boards can be laser engraved by a CO2...

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