Colour Laser Marking Stainless Steel

In this guide we show you how to colour mark stainless steel, making use of the Wimbledon logo. This can be applied to bottles, nameplates, flasks, and much more.

Replicating colours with laser marking can be a challenging process, especially if you are intending to get as close to the original logo as possible.

This laser marking process will likely require multiple passes and well refined parameters alongside a high quality MOPA fiber laser with a good selection of waveforms, and an exceptionally accurate, stable z-axis.

There are of course other ways of producing colour marks on metal such as sublimation, UV inks or other printing methods, but these can rub off easily, use polluting consumables and can be inconsistent. Laser gets around this.


  1. Advised Tools
  2. Preparation and Artwork
  3. Trial Run
  4. Parameters & Marking
  5. Finishing Up

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colour marking stainless steel materials

What you’ll need

  • Your stainless steel item. Could be a utensil, component, flask, socket, toaster or whatever you are going to mark.
  • Metal rubbing/cleaning fluid
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Safety glasses (unless using class 2)
  • µMeta MOPA Fiber Laser System
View the system we used


Start by preparing your graphics and ensuring it both looks right and hatches in the laser software. Ensure your item is perfectly clean the machine is on and extraction is running (if necessary)

Put your goggles on

Download the graphics below and import it into your graphics software. Modify as necessary.

Download Logo SVG
Screenshot wimbledon

Alignment & Trial Run

To ensure the graphic is placed where you want it, you may also draw an outline around the graphic and send it to the laser with 100 speed and 0 power, then turn on the red dot pointer.


Parameters & Marking

To create a black mark on anodised aluminium, you need a 20 watt MOPA laser source. We recommend using the F-254 lens because it perfectly fits the spot diameter for this application. Below are some of the parameters we used, if you would like to know more please speak to a material specialist using the link below.

Power Speed Frequency
50% 1500 mm/s 200 kHz


Contact an application specialist
Lotus Laser Systems Wimbledon colour marking stainless steel by uMeta 02

Finishing Up

Once your graphic has finished marking, clean off any surface oxidization and unwanted material with a cloth and some of the rubbing compound and admire your work!

For tutorials, advice and more see our website or get in touch.

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Achieving a higher quality mark

With a MOPA laser source, you can set very short pulse durations. This is the secret to creating black marks on anodised aluminium, as the short pulse durations do not damage the surface of the material. The anodised layer is not removed, simply repainted. Whilst the process of black marking is completely different from the production of tempering colours on stainless steel, a comparable result is created. You can set the filling line distance to adjust in a wide range of various shades of grey up to black: The smaller the distance, the darker the laser marking result.

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