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Think Paper

The Customer

Think Paper is a Dutch company that specialises in designing and creating extravagant lampshades for business and personal use.

Handmade in the Netherlands and shipped both nationally and internationally, Think Paper currently offers eight elegant designs, in a variety of sizes.


The Application

Think Paper’s lampshades, modern in concept, are inspired by classic styles, creating timeless designs. They are all intricately cut from high-quality cardboard, and are all 100% recyclable.

The lampshades are large in design and intended to make a statement, often becoming the focal point for many customers’ properties.


The Problem

Design and quality are the key selling points of these lampshades, so it is imperative that the laser cutting machines used to make them are both highly accurate and dependable.

Previously, Think Paper had used Chinese laser cutting machines, but these were associated with high maintenance and waste costs. Think Paper wanted a more reliable, cost-effective machine that could precisely cut its lampshades.


The Solution

Lotus Laser Systems supplied and installed two Blu125 laser cutting workstations for Think Paper.

Blu125 is significantly larger than competing models in this class, making it ideal for Think Paper’s lampshades that require a large cutting area.

Its expert engineering gives the user the freedom to create more challenging designs, perfectly suited to Think Paper’s intricate designs.

The Result

Blu125 utilises geared motion control that guarantees high-quality cut edges on all of Think Paper’s products, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Blu125 has a 1250x900mm work area that allows lampshades to be easily cut, no matter the design’s dimensions. Its large work area and intelligent software has allowed Think Paper to create increasingly challenging, complex designs.

Blu125’s process times are considerably lower than its competitors, allowing Think Paper to significantly increase its throughput when required and ensure demand is always met.

Blu125 is designed with longevity in mind, meaning the machine is incredibly reliable and has low maintenance requirements. Think Paper will rely on the Blu125 to create its stunning lampshades for many years to come.

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