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Case Studies


The Customer

Siluet is an innovative company based in London that specialises in the design and manufacture of city silhouettes. These wall-mounted landscape designs are intended for interior use. Siluet was founded by fashion designer Mariana Jungmann, who created the first two city silhouettes, London and Dubai.

These designs were highly praised by friends and family and several requests for other cities were received. Siluet has since expanded its operations and now produces over 40 designs based on iconic cities around the world.


The Application

Siluet craft its landscape designs using acrylic because it is impact resistant. Acrylic holds its shape while being cut by a laser, allowing Siluet to cut intricate details. Using acrylic also allows Siluet to create its silhouettes in matt and glossy finishes based on customers’ preferences.

The large silhouettes are 100cm wide, cut into 5mm thick acrylic, while the medium-sized pieces are 60cm wide and cut into 3mm thick acrylic.


The Problem

Each city silhouette is incredibly detailed, requiring small square-shaped holes to be cut into the buildings to represent the windows. The incredibly detailed silhouettes demand a machine that can precisely cut intricate details. Siluet originally used a laser cutting machine supplied by a competing manufacturer, however, it failed to meet expectations.

Siluet found it difficult to create flawless pieces because the laser cutting machine struggled to cut the intricate details into the thick acrylic. The laser cutting machine simply was not delivering the high quality that Marianna and her team desired, creating the need for a high-performance machine they could depend on.


The Solution

Lotus Laser originally supplied one Blu125 laser cutting and engraving machine to Siluet to enable the company to expertly cut its intricate designs. Siluet was blown away by the precision, speed and functionality of the machine and recently invested in two additional Blu125 machines.

Lotus Laser handled the installation of each machine, hiring a forklift to get the machines off the lorry and into the London-based property. Other suppliers of laser cutting machines do not offer this level of support and service.

The Result

Purchasing a Blu125 machine revolutionised Siluet’s manufacturing process by reducing the production time and enhancing the overall quality of each piece. Siluet used Blu125 for months without any issues, leading Siluet to invest in two more machines.

Acquiring two new machines has allowed Siluet to meet its growing demand and significantly increase the number of silhouettes produced each day. Siluet benefits from Blu125’s geared motion control, which ensures the highest quality cut edges possible. Blu125 also has a large work area that allows Siluet to cut the large landscape pieces with ease.

Siluet is well-equipped to capitalise on its growing demand and expand its business significantly over the coming years. Using three reliable machines ensures orders are manufactured quickly, without imperfections, and sent to customers as soon as possible.

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