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Boddingtons Electrical

The Customer

Boddingtons Electrical is a UK based manufacturer of 1000V Insulated Hand Tools to IEC 60900. Incorporated in 1999 the company has established itself as a leader in its field and exports the products it manufactures around the world.


The Application

The tools that are manufactured by Boddingtons Electrical need identifying with part numbers, serial numbers and other unique identifiers as well as branding.

Some products require marking to the PVC insulation and some to the exposed metal areas of the tool.


The Problem

The range of insulated tools were historically pad printed but a faster, more environmentally friendly, efficient and permanent form or marking was required.


The Solution

The Lotus Meta C4 is one of the most functional fiber laser marking workstations on the market today. The open design and functionality of this machine makes it ideally suited to laser marking products that are significantly different in shape & size.

The Result

“After testing many different laser marking machines we chose to purchase from Lotus Laser Systems.

With the introduction of this new machine my company could offer 1000V insulated hand tools with permanent marking – a first in the UK. Once this was introduced many customers could see the advantage of laser marking and started to request custom branding, which is a service we were not able to offer with our previous marking methods.

The Meta C4 from Lotus Laser Systems produces excellent results on our products and has significantly improved the speed of our marking process as well as increased the demand for the products we manufacture and supply to the point where we are now considering to add a conveyorized part handling device for increased throughput .”

Nick Jordan
Managing Director
Boddingtons Electrical Limited

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