Using Laser Cutting Machines to Create Visors for the NHS

The NHS truly are making the UK proud with the lifesaving work they are carrying out during the global coronavirus pandemic. NHS staff are going above and beyond treating thousands of people daily, despite the risks associated with this.

NHS staff work in close proximity with coronavirus patients and are therefore at highest risk of encountering infected airborne droplets. To make matters worse, the NHS faces a severe shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is essential when dealing with a contagious virus.  PPE masks protect both NHS staff and those they are treating by fighting the spread of infected airborne droplets. Laser cutting is an effective and key way to create PPE like visors for the NHS.

The Telegraph paid tribute to 16 NHS staff who passed away after contracting the virus. To minimise the number of fatalities, NHS staff must be protected with PPE.


What Type of PPE is Required?

At the moment, the main concern for NHS staff is to protect their airways from coronavirus by using masks and visors.

Clear plastic visors to protect the entire face are valuable to NHS staff, but many find themselves using low-protection surgical masks which offer far less protection. Small droplets can pass through the material of most respiratory masks used.

PPE masks protect both the NHS staff and those they are treating by fighting the spread of infected airborne droplets.

How has Lotus Laser Responded to the Shortage of PPE?

Lotus Laser are working with Lasercut Works to create thousands of visors for the NHS. We have been running our machines for over 24 hours straight this bank holiday weekend and have created just under 2000 visors.

Lasercut Works has already provided the NHS with thousands of visors and has quickly became an integral support to the NHS during the trust’s time in need.


How are the Visors Being Made?

We are using our Blu125 machine to cut the straps for the visors and our Blu100 laser to cut out the actual visor. We are using two different types of machines to speed up the production rate and ensure we can maximise the number of visors we can send to the NHS.

We are using Polypropylene to create the straps and either PETG or Polycarbonate for the visors. We are using the Blu125 for the straps because it is better equipped to cut the thicker material for the straps.

We hope that our visors will offer NHS staff a greater level of protection and reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

laser engraved visors

When dealing with a highly contagious virus, NHS staff must be protected. NHS staff working on the frontline are at the highest risk of contracting the virus. Lotus Laser and Lasercut Works are working together to produce thousands of visors for the NHS.

Due to the speed of our Blu100 & Blu125 lasers, the machines are able to produce on a large-scale. We have many customers with our laser cutting machines who span across a vast variety of industries putting their machines through their paces to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Any customers, who would like to join the fight against Covid-19 and would like to produce the medical visors, can find more information by getting in touch.

If you are interested in the visors, please contact Daniel at Lasercut works to find out more.

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