Maximising Efficiency with the Breadboard and Positioning Square

We’re pleased to introduce our new breadboard and positioning square which are essential tools for maximising efficiency and precision in your workflow.

Positioning Square 10 2 scaled.jpg?w=1020&h=680&scale - Maximising Efficiency with the Breadboard and Positioning Square

Our Research and Development team have worked tirelessly to design simple yet effective accessories that will enhance your laser marking experience. Thanks to the Breadboard and Positioning Square, you’ll experience a reduction in cycle time as part positioning becomes quicker and more accurate. Tedious setups are also a thing of the past as you welcome seamless operations to your day-to-day processes. These practical accessories enable you to effortlessly locate where your parts should be, making large quantity marking a breeze and ensuring consistent results with every run.

Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry, jewellery design, or any field that requires precise laser marking. Lotus Laser’s accessories are a game-changer. Watch the video below to witness firsthand how these tools revolutionise your laser marking process, saving you time and effort while delivering exceptional results.