Laser Cut MDF

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) has carved its place as a popular choice in the world of woodworking and interior design. Its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of handling have made it a preferred material for various projects. And when it comes to precision and efficiency, laser-cutting this diverse material has changed the game. Let’s explore the properties of MDF, its diverse applications, and delve into the art of laser-cutting this versatile material…

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Versatile Material

Properties of MDF

Medium-Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood product made from compressed wood fibers, wax, and a resin binder. The manufacturing process involves breaking down wood into fibers, which are then combined with synthetic binders and compressed under high pressure and temperature. The result is a dense, uniform panel with no knots or grain, giving it a smooth and consistent surface. Here are some key properties of MDF:

IMG 4284 3 scaled 1 - Laser Cut MDF

MDF is known for its uniform density throughout, which allows for precise cutting without any variations in the material.

Smooth Surface
Due to its fine wood fibers and manufacturing process, MDF has an exceptionally smooth surface, ideal for laser-cutting intricate designs.

Dimensional Stability
MDF exhibits minimal expansion and contraction with changes in temperature and humidity, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Edge Quality
Laser-cut MDF edges are generally clean and smooth, requiring little to no additional finishing.

Absorbent Nature
MDF is quite absorbent, which can be both advantageous and problematic, depending on the application.

Endless Possibilities

Applications of MDF 

MDF’s versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, both practical and decorative. Some common uses include:

MDF is a popular choice for cabinet construction, providing a smooth, paintable surface and excellent durability.

From tables and shelves to headboards and bed frames, MDF serves as a cost-effective material for furniture manufacturing.

Doors and Panels
MDF panels are often found on interior doors and decorative wall panels due to their dimensional stability and ease of customisation.

Model Making
Architects and hobbyists frequently employ MDF for model building due to its precision and ease of laser-cutting.

Signage and Decorative Items
Laser cut MDF can be used to create intricate signs, wall art, and various decorative pieces.

Its consistent density and ease of cutting make MDF an excellent choice for rapid prototyping in product development.


IMG 4272 scaled 1 - Laser Cut MDF

the benefits

Laser Cut MDF

Laser cutting has revolutionised woodworking and design by enabling precise and intricate cuts. When it comes to working with MDF, a laser cutter offers several advantages:

wooden letters isolated at white 2022 12 15 20 03 00 utc scaled 1 - Laser Cut MDF

Laser cutting machines can create intricate designs with extreme accuracy, resulting in clean and sharp edges.

The laser can cut, engrave and etch MDF, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities.

Laser cutting significantly reduces production time compared to traditional cutting methods, especially for complex shapes.

Minimised Waste
The narrow laser beam minimises material wastage, making it a sustainable and cost-effective option.

Ease of Customisation
Design modifications can be made swiftly and with ease, providing a high level of flexibility for custom projects.



Laser cut MDF has elevated the world of woodworking, allowing artisans and designers alike to craft intricate masterpieces with precision and efficiency. So whether you’re an industrial manufacturer or small business, we have the right solutions to help you and your business. Get in touch today to find the best machine for your laser cut MDF needs.

Built for etching and engraving at speed, the Meta-C CO2 laser etching machine is a different beast to our Blu systems, built within the Gen7 Meta-C chassis, this 3D (3-Axis) Galvo CO2 laser source is extremely accurate and comes in a wide range of power options.

Beam Delivery Laser Type Power (W)
3D (3-Axis) CO2, Fiber, UV 5-200W

With more than twice the power commonly found in this size of laser cutter, the Blu70 delivers twice the cutting speed and cuts thicker materials more safely. Built to be the cost-effective and flexible solution for business and education alike.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
700mm x 500mm CO2 60

With its huge 1250x900mm work area and a massive 100w of CO2 laser power, Blu125 is the ideal laser cutter to ensure that almost no job is too large or too long in process time maximising margins, giving the freedom to create more challenging designs as well as increasing the number of users that can gain access to the laser cutter during a single day.

Work Area Laser Type Power (W)
1250mm x 900mm CO2 100

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