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Laser Cutting, Engraving & Marking Machines

Laser Cutting Engraving and Marking Machine Manufacturers in the UK

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Laser marking silver presentation trays with the Meta C4 fiber laser
Meta C4 20w marking pens with conveyor feed
AutoMeta robotic handling & laser engraving pens
Laser marking a detailed logo to a stainless steel mug

For more than 20 years the people behind the Lotus Laser Systems brand have specialised exclusively with Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving and Laser Marking Machines.

Our systems are designed and built to meet or exceed customer expectations with careful consideration given to balance the core design fundamentals of:

Functionality – Affordability - Reliability.

Lotus Laser Systems range from turn-key workstations to custom designed, integrated units for industrial applications and contain component modules from several industry leading technology providers from around the world such as the Rofin UK, IPG Germany, Hiwin China and Synrad USA to name but a few.

We invest a large proportion of our revenue into Research & Development (R&D) and our entire range of machines are designed and assembled in-house at our Basildon, UK facility.

We offer systems with a broad range of laser sources of 10.6µm, 1064nm, 532nm and 355nm to cover a very wide range of laser cutting, laser marking and laser engraving applications and we incorporate control software to make the most complex of applications fast, easy and efficient to complete.

Lotus Laser Systems are not rebranded imports or mass-produced.

We take a considerable time to build each machine paying fine attention to detail during assembly. Certified ISO9001, FDA approved and with all models CE compliant we take quality management very seriously so all of our machines come with long warranty periods that are typically far beyond our industry standard.

There are many Lotus installations working 24/7 for a number of years without fault so it’s no surprise that repeat business contributes towards a large proportion of our annual growth. At Lotus Laser Systems we are very much about building long-term supplier/client relationships rather than ‘shipping boxes’.

We have separate departments of specialist staff for sales and support with a team of highly experienced field engineers. For export customers we have an ever growing distribution and support network of factory trained and authorised partners to deliver a complete service in a local language, culture and time-zone.

Whether your application is laser cutting acrylic, laser cutting wood, laser marking metal, laser marking plastics or industrial product coding it’s highly likely that we can provide you with a solution to save you time, hassle and money with an after sales service that’s second to none.

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