Case Studies


The Customer

KAPZ is an innovative manufacturer of custom bicycle parts with a passion for 100% Made in Great Britain products.

The business was started as a bit of a joke in 2012 and now boasts a KAPZ customer in every single inhabited country that cycles, on the planet and is the world’s largest/best manufacturer of the product that we produce!


The Application

We use a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and titanium – where quality and accuracy are the key to producing the best quality products.

Our products are very small and come in a variety of shapes with ultra-fine detailed artwork, sometimes below 0.1 mm are often the sizes we work within.


The Problem

The quality of the products we produce is defined by the quality of the equipment/processes we utilise – fine detail, accuracy are the key parameters.

At the start of our journey, we had been outsourcing as you would to begin with. It started off great but as we grew, outsourcing became quite painful, slow and we had no control over quality and what is actually really possible.


The Solution

Someone once told me “buy the very best machinery you can possibly afford” a mantra that we have built our business upon.

So we started off with a budget for the new machine, contacted a few companies, had a few demos as you would expect.

From the moment we spoke to the Lotus Laser team, we felt confident that they would specify and build the right machine for us – within our budget and deliver it safely to us.

Immediately – quality of our products was better and we could respond faster to our customer orders – overnight an amazing transformation.

The Result

Responding instantly to all of our customers with our C4 on site here with us, is a big advantage for us. The quality of our etching improves everyday as we learn more about what our C4 is actually capable of. We have produced a couple of special jigs/devices to make our life easier and the flexibility that the open-laser arrangement gives us is invaluable.

We can etch any type of aluminium – either traditionally on the surface or deeply carved into the metal with ease. We can easily etch onto any cylindrical/odd shaped items and we have discovered that our C4 can create products with up to six eye-popping colours on TiTanium too (those settings are a secret lol). We also etch brass, stainless steel, copper and sometimes, plastic as well.

In the background supporting us, we have a solid service agreement with Lotus Laser ensuring that our machine is always running at its best without any interruption of service – which, at the end of the day is what ownership of any machinery is all about – backup/service/support/response.

Thanks Lotus Laser – we are already dreaming up our next Lotus Laser Gizmo, but don’t tell Mrs KAPZ!

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