Case Studies

De Montfort University

The Customer

With origins as far back as 1870, De Montfort University is located in Leicester City Centre and has more than 27,000 students with over 3,000 staff. The University has very high quality facilities and teaching resources for Digital Fabrication, Art, Design & Humanities to name just a few of the many courses it offers.


The Application

Students and teachers are required to cut and engrave many different types of resistant materials such as wood, card and acrylic as a part of their course.


The Problem

The University required a faster, cleaner, more accurate and ideally a safer way to cut materials. As well as more freedom to create enhanced designs that cannot be produced with alternative machining technologies. Lower purchase price, high reliability and minimal running costs as well as space saving and low noise levels are increasingly more important considerations too.


The Solution

The Lotus Laser Systems Blu70 60w DC CO2 laser cutter delivered all of these requirements and was so successful that De Montfort University has since acquired multiple systems of varying size and power.

The Customer Says

“We purchased our first Lotus Laser machine 9 years ago for our workshop and because of the demand and that the machines have been so easy and fantastic to use, we have added 4 more machines into our workshop since. They are ideal for students use due to their construction, ease of controls and the software is quite simple for them to pick up and go. The online and telephone support are helpful whenever we have a problem and we make sure to have them annually serviced to keep them in good working condition.”

Raymond Yau
Technical Instructor / Architectural Modelmaker at De Montfort University

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