Lotus Laser is an incredibly ambitious company that aims to provide the best service and solutions possible to its customers. Lotus Laser’s Managing Director Dean Carpenter wanted to rapidly accelerate Lotus Laser’s growth based on the establishment of Lotus Laser as a manufacturing company supplying machines around the world.

Dean achieved this in 2017, doubling the unit sales volume Lotus Laser recorded during the previous years. In subsequent years, Lotus Laser has emulated this success by increasing its annual revenue and significantly expanding the business.

Lotus Laser’s machines are incredibly fast and accurate, significantly reducing production times and wastage costs associated with manufacturing errors. Every machine is assembled and tested in the UK to ensure the highest level of quality, and built with longevity in mind. Therefore, Louts Laser’s machines come with very low maintenance costs and rarely experience any errors. Lotus Laser’s machines are modestly priced and will last a lifetime, making them a sensible investment to will yield excellent results for many years to come.

Why We Add Value To Your Business

Very few suppliers of laser cutting and engraving machines have gained any first-hand experience as an end-user of the machines they sell. We are early adopters of laser cutting and engraving technology in the industry and started our business as an end-user, gaining rich experience that helps us satisfy our customers’ needs.

We know the pitfalls and challenges our customers face because we faced them too. This hands-on experience is the foundation of our business and dictates the service we provide to our customers. We saw the issues machines we used as an end-user suffered from such as flaming and uneven cutting results, and designed our machines to overcome these issues. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise help us design innovative machines that deliver exceptional results.

We continuously strive to optimise our machines and provide the best service to customers. We invest heavily back into Research & Development to ensure our machines don’t lose their competitive edge. We invest in Research & Development for all our machines to ensure the best solution possible for you. We want to ensure our machines meet the needs of our customers in terms of Functionality, Affordability and Reliability (FAR).

Our Machines

We design, manufacture, configure, install and service all Lotus Laser machines ourselves to provide the best service possible. Our product portfolio is wide in scope, ranging from entry-level engraving machines to fully automated, bespoke laser cutting and marking workstations.

Our Blu machines specialise in laser cutting while our Meta machines specialise in engraving and marking. Some of our machines like Blu100 are multi-functional, capable of cutting, marking and engraving. To learn more about our machines, please click here.

Our machines are mainly used in manufacturing, however, we have also supplied numerous machines to the automotive, architecture, clothing, firearms and aerospace industries, as well as schools and universities for educational use.

We supplied one of our Blu125 100w machines to Simply Plastics, a leading supplier of plastic sheet, acrylic rod and more. Their cut to size service was optimised by our accurate, fast and reliable machine, allowing them to keep up with their high demand. To learn more about how we helped Simply Plastics, read our case study.

We also supplied Think Paper with two Blu125 machines that allow the company to create extravagant lampshades with ease. Please click here to read more about how we helped Think Paper improve its production process and grow its business.


Our machines are incredibly precise and often more powerful than competing machines. We pride ourselves in creating laser cutting, marking and engraving machines that are built on genuine experience as an end-user. Whether you need an entry-level engraving machine or an industrial-grade laser cutting machine customised to your individual requirements, we have the solution for you.

If you would like to learn more about our cutting-edge machines, please contact us.