Lotus Laser’s Brand Story

Laserite Ltd is a privately owned company that has specialised in the supply of laser cutting and marking systems for 25 years. Laserite was founded by Keith Carpenter back in 1995. In 2004, Keith’s son Dean Carpenter created the Lotus Laser Systems brand that customers are now familiar with. Dean has successfully grown Lotus Laser into a global brand that has supplied equipment to countries like France and Germany and is represented as far as Australia.

Our Story

We specialise in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art laser cutting, marking and engraving machines. We consider ourselves pioneers in the industry, quickly identifying the huge potential of lasers in an array of industries including aerospace, construction and pharmaceutical. We knew that laser cutting and engraving machines would be widely adopted once others saw the benefits they offer.

We began our journey as laser users, discovering the benefits of laser cutting and engraving machines from first-hand experience. We found that laser cutting often eliminated the need for machining on many engineering jobs while reducing manufacturing costs significantly. However, we found that the laser cutters we were using struggled to cut thicker materials, yielded uneven cutting results and were susceptible to flaming. This invaluable experience helped us design and manufacture machines that would overcome the issues we faced as an end-user.

In 2004, our brand was officially rebranded to Lotus Laser and we made significant investments into equipment and a manufacturing facility based in Wuhan, China. We then acquired a property in Basildon, Essex UK which was used for assembly, support and sales. After ten years of incredible growth, we closed our Wuhan factory and moved all assembly to the UK to provide customers with a higher level of support and improved service.

Our Basildon headquarters now has an extensive Research & Development facility and onsite manufacturing capacity. We design, manufacture and test our machines in the UK to guarantee the highest quality machines for our customers. We now have partnerships with distributors located around the world who supply our machines to the respective countries they are based in.


We are proud of the growth we have experienced since the company was founded in 1995. Our Managing Director has facilitated significant growth and transformed Lotus Laser into a globally recognised brand. Our machines are built on our experience as an end-user of laser cutting and engraving machines, enabling us to provide the best solutions to our customers.

If you’re interested in how our machines could enhance your production process, please contact us to learn more.