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Who are Lotus Laser Systems?


Lotus Laser Systems offer innovative, highly capable laser marking and cutting solutions at a purchase price and cost of ownership that is commonly lower than similar products from alternative providers.

The people behind the brand have decades of experience specializing exclusively with laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting technology.

Designed, configured and tested in the UK Lotus Laser Systems are built around the fundamentals of meeting or exceeding customer expectations for:

  • Functionality
  • Affordability
  • Reliability

Our company structure combined with lean working practices provide us with the ability to align our products to the ever changing needs of our customers and the many markets that we serve much faster than most of our competitors, in particular the larger companies.

Lotus Laser Systems range from turn-key workstations to industrial line integrated units and contain component modules from industry leading technology specialists around the globe including Germany, USA, UK, Japan and China.

Where a standard system configuration will not suffice we have the knowledge and resources to provide for a customised solution including fully automated handling devices

All machines come with the highest quality laser source from 355nm to 10.6┬Ám and enjoy extensive features with long warranty periods that are typically far beyond our industry standards

Using the FAR priorities to match those of our product design we invest significant resources to select and train a network of global partners that can supply you with highly professional local sales and support services

Technology this good has never been so affordable


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