Laser Cutting, Engraving & Marking Machines

Blu DC


A low cost CO2 system ideal for engraving and cutting woods and plastics.

Assembled and tested in the UK we provide access to our fully trained engineers.

Comes with intuitive 2D software that supports a range of vector and bitmap formats.

Blu DC – From £6,500

Blu RF


Available in 3 sizes the Blu RF makes for an ideal laser cutting & engraving machine.

Fitted with an industry leading, Synrad RF laser for maximum engraving quality.

Access to unlimited technical support allows you to get the most out of your machine.

Blu RF – From £10,500

Micro Meta


A class 1 fiber laser marking machine the Micro Meta is perfect for engraving metal items.

Programmable z-axis makes repeating jobs simple and eliminates manual focus.

An excellent software package allows you to start marking items with ease.

Micro Meta – From £12,995



A compact laser marking machine designed for production line integration.

Easily create data matrix and serial numbers with the intuitive software.

Premium laser source options make this system one of the most reliable on the market.

iMeta – From £16,595

CO2 Galvo


Mark and engrave wood items as much as 20x faster than plotter systems.

Use the t-slot table to clamp your jigs and repeat jobs with ease.

The optional exhaust system helps keeps the working environment safe.

CO2 Galvo – From £17,495

Meta C4


Rotary and conveyor functionality make this our most flexible laser marking machine.

Choose from a range of premium laser sources to engrave metal, plastics and wood.

Mark larger items with the help of its 180 degree accessibility.

Meta C4 – From £18,995

Meta C1


An ultra high speed, pneumatic door allows for maximum throughput without compromising on safety.

A full class 1 enclosure is complemented by a laser safe viewing panel.

Get excellent engraving results from some of the world's leading laser sources.

Meta C1 – From £19,995

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