Paper & Card


Most types of paper or card will mark well. The vast majority of marking/engraving is by 10.6µm laser where the fine control of the beam can mark the thinnest of boards without penetrating the entire thickness. Some materials that are coloured (died or printed) can be marked by 1µm laser with the advantages creating a higher resolution with minimal material removal.

In terms of number of items marked, the packaging industry is by far the biggest sector for laser marked card.

Paper & card


Laser cut card can now be seen in almost every major superstore where intricately cut greeting cards impress us by their artistry as much as the surprisingly low cost that only laser cutting can deliver with this material.

Card is a favourite material of architectural model makers where it is often cut and scored with high precision to be made into 3d architectural models. It’s amazing how laser processing of card can take such a low cost material and turn it into an object potentially worth tens of thousands of pounds.

As the laser is a non-contact form of cutting it’s possible to produce such intricacy that no other form of cutting technology can.

Suitable Lasers