Glass is a material that is commonly engraved by laser where the 10.6µm must be used for surface marking. No depth is achievable. The effect is one of contrast created by the heat of the laser causing the material to micro-crack.

Not all types of glass can be engraved by laser. Non-flat surfaces and inherent inconsistencies in the manufacturing of glass products pose significant challenges for laser marking often producing inconsistent results. Careful selection of materials and other pre-production techniques can minimise these potential problems.

When marking glass where there are any significantly solid areas to the design a lens with a very short focal length (and therefore a small focal point) should be used.

Larger focal points from longer focal length lenses and/or a defocused beam can cause the micro cracks to turn into surface fractures/flakes.

Some types of glass can be marked with stunning effect using a 532nm (green) laser. We no longer supply 532nm machines.



In general it is not possible to cut glass by laser. There are some specialist systems predominantly used to cut screens for phones and other such smart devices, however, these types of machine are unique in application and extremely costly to buy, own and operate. We do not supply glass cutting laser.

Suitable Lasers