We know of no other laser engraving system on the market today at this price point that delivers the performance and functionality of µMeta. One of the most feature rich systems on the market. Built at our UK factory, the µMeta is virtually maintenance free and built to last.

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What can it engrave & mark?

Features to speed up your production

Interchangeable Lenses

All of our marking lasers are available with a range of lenses so that the system can deliver a variation of focal lengths, scan areas and focal point sizes.

The range of lenses we offer will cover the majority of jobs that the user is likely to encounter.

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Programmable Z-Axis

Our programmable Z-axis provides for super fast job set-up/recall as well as the ability to mark objects at multiple heights in a single job.

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T-Slot Table & Pointing laser

We incorporate a CNC cut aluminium T-Slot magnetic-aligning worktable to every µMeta and Meta-C laser marking machine. Coupled with a pointing laser delivered through the lens, set-up times can be reduced from many minutes to just a few seconds.

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Pneumatic Access

Our Class 2 workstations incorporate pneumatically actuated access panels for hands free, minimal noise and lower wear/tear operation.

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Build quality

Designed, assembled, configured and tested in the UK to ISO9001 (2015), CE and RoHSII regulations and pending certification after testing by the TUV quality authority, µMeta is one of if not the most feature enriched and functional 1µm fiber laser marking workstations on the market today.

We choose very high grade components and really do take our time to build this model, which is reflected by the proven track record of near zero faults in the field across a large number of units installed. At this price point we feel that at time of publishing there really is no other system on the market to compete with µMeta on a like for like basis…


Laser source

1µm Q-switched, or MOPA Fiber laser

Laser power

20w, 30w

Work area

Lens specific 220, 180, 110, 70 (mm)

Dimensions (WDH)

45cm x 100cm x 98cm


90kg Approx


Z-axis Programmable by software

Lens Standard

F-theta 254


Lotus Mark

UK Warranty

3 years including laser source upgradable to 5 years


F-theta 330, 163, 100


Dynamic, standard


What is µMeta?

µMeta is a Class 2, 1µm fiber laser marking workstation. Although it’s our entry level model, µMeta is one of our most versatile marking lasers. It’s primarily used for marking metal parts with codes, serial numbers, logos, etc.

Who uses µMeta?

Many different types of business use µMeta but predominantly general engineering, job shops, general engravers and trophy suppliers are among our most frequent customers for µMeta.

What is the laser source within µMeta and who is it manufactured by?

µMeta incorporates a Q-switched 30w pulsed fiber laser that’s manufactured by Raycus, who are one of the World’s largest manufacturers of pulsed fiber laser technology.

Why do you choose the Raycus Q-switched fiber laser instead of a MOPA fiber laser?

A Q-switched pulsed fiber laser is well suited to the majority of metal marking applications. The price/performance of this laser allows a wide range of applications at the lowest possible price point. Where the application deems it necessary we offer other types of laser within our Meta-C model, which is significantly higher priced.

Why is µMeta only offered with one type and power of laser?

µMeta is designed as our entry level 1µm laser marking workstation and as such we subsidise the price of µMeta to make it affordable to a greater number of customers. For more demanding applications we have other models with wide ranging laser source options.

Can µMeta be used in Class 4 mode?

The access panel of µMeta allows a full 180 degree access to the work area. In ‘maintenance mode’ the interlocks are defeated and the door will remain up, allowing operation in Class 4 mode. While Class 4 operation is technically possible Class 4 operation is not a function of our ‘intended design’ under CE regulations, so it is not recommended.

Does µMeta require installation by a qualified Lotus technician?

µMeta will work ‘out-of-the-box’ and requires no special installation

Will I need training?

Absolutely Yes! From a health and safety perspective training by a qualified/authorised Lotus technician is mandatory. From a practical perspective professional level training will help you maximise throughput and output quality and minimise errors and maintenance. Ideally, training should be at site but if this is impractical we offer training via webcam.

Aside from µMeta what other ancillary items do I require?

µMeta must be placed upon an engineering grade bench or other similar type of strong and stable platform. A form of fume extraction is mandatory, the performance of which will be determined by the core application. A source of clean/dry air is required to drive the pneumatic access panel and a PC is required for the control software.

How reliable is µMeta?

We have installed hundreds of these machines and to date we have a near to zero failure rate for any of the key µMeta.

What kind of maintenance does µMeta require?

µMeta requires no significant maintenance other than general, periodic cleaning. Over time some adjustment may be required to the pneumatic and mechanical elements and if necessary these elements should only be adjusted by a qualified Lotus technician.

Does µMeta incorporate any consumable parts?

µMeta is designed and manufactured to withstand industrial or heavy commercial use and has no consumable parts

What's the warranty with µMeta and can this be extended?

The standard warranty for µMeta is 2 years on a parts replacement basis; this includes the laser source no matter what the level of use. This warranty can be extended at extra cost by an additional +3 years max. T&C apply.

Why is µMeta only offered with one type and power of laser?

The standard warranty for µMeta is 2 years on a parts replacement basis; this includes the laser source no matter what the level of use. This warranty can be extended at extra cost by an additional +3 years max. T&C apply.

Is the software for µMeta restricted in any way from the more advanced Lotus models?

No; µMeta uses the same software as even our most advanced models.


µMeta benefits from a hands-free automated access panel that is pneumatically powered, resulting in minimal noise and a long working life. The speed of the access panel can significantly reduce job times. To improve its ease of use, µMeta also allows 180° access to the work area.

µMeta is designed and built in the UK and utilises the most powerful software on the market. The software can be used to control the Z axis, allowing fast job set-up and job recall. Due to intelligent software, µMeta can mark objects at multiple heights in a single job. The software that comes with µMeta is very easy to use and is packed with useful features to help the user mark and engrave efficiently. 

µMeta has a strong aluminium main frame and a strong T-slot table which is CNC cut from a block of aluminium. It can also be configured to accept a high quality rotary drive system to enable circumferential marking. µMeta has nearly all of the same features as our flagship Meta-C workstation but at a much lower cost. 

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the incredible work and success our customers have had over the years in our case studies.


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