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What is a Meta-C Marking Laser?


Each model of Meta machine is a very energy efficient,  feature enriched, turn-key laser marking and engraving workstation that delivers the laser beam via a digital scan head containing high speed, high resolution XY galvanometers (galvos).

Built to last, Meta-C is capable of highly demanding heavy commercial or industrial use

A range of beam deflection units and interchangeable lenses provide for a wide variety of focal point and work area sizes.

Meta-C is available with one of the widest range of lasers sources that our industry has to offer in terms of wavelength, power, performance and beam profiles;

  • 6um CW CO2 RF from ULS (USA) and DAVI (China)
  • 6um Pulsed CO2 RF from Coherent (USA)
  • 1µm (1060-1070nm) Q-switched fiber lasers IPG Photonics (Germany) and Raycus (China)
  • 1µm (1060-1070nm) MOPA fiber lasers from JPT (China) and SPI (UK)
  • 355nm UV from IPG (Germany)

As standard the Class 2 enclosure of Meta-C offers maximum user safety and convenience of operation incorporating a pneumatically operated front access door mechanism  with 180 degree access and a generously sized laser safe viewing window that is interlock protected.

This enclosure allows the operation of the machine with maximum efficiency and safety together with minimal operator fatigue and low running costs in almost any work environment.

Meta-C machines are powered by an industrial grade PLC that is user interfaced with a touch-screen HMI allowing a multitude of peripheral devices to be connected from simple conveyor feeds to 6-axis robotics.

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