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We started our business as an end user:

We’ve walked in our customers’ shoes, so we know what they need and we know how to deliver. That is just one aspect that sets us apart from the rest of the marketplace.

Our company has pioneered laser cutting and laser marking technology since the 1990’s. As early adopters we saw the massive potential of lasers in virtually every industry sector, for both laser marking and laser cutting. Working firstly as laser users, then as distributors for two of the largest laser brands, we evolved to become a globally respected laser technology design and manufacturing business. Our journey is somewhat unique compared to many of our competitors and it is this evolved experience that makes us so different.

We don’t just design and build laser cutting and laser marking machines; we really do know how to use them.

We invest approx 10% of our annual revenues on R&D to balance as best we can the various models that we supply, ensuring our customers buy from us machines that are perfectly balanced to the needs of their businesses in terms of Functionality, Affordability and Reliability (FAR).

One size fits all does not work for most businesses requiring a laser cutting or laser marking machine.

Today, nearly 25 years after our incorporation with our designed and manufacturing located in the UK , we are proud to supply and maintain our equipment on a global basis to places as far away as Tasmania.

Few, if any, of the major suppliers have such a history, or can claim to have had first-hand experience as an end user. We know the pitfalls; we know the challenges, and we know how to deliver exactly what a customer wants, by not just accepting the limitations of any one machine, but striving to exceed those limitations and enhance the user experience.

Our Basildon headquarters has an extensive R&D facility and onsite manufacturing capacity. If you’d like a live online demo please contact us


Powerful software

All Blu model laser cutters come with easy to use, feature enriched Lotus Cut CAD/CAM software. Unlike the alternative print driver type machines, using our software provides far greater compatibility with common industry artwork formats, extra functionality to alter drawings at the laser cutting machine without having to open an expensive graphics package and, best of all, powerful optimisation tools to minimise process times, reduce errors and enhance output quality.


Expert Installation & Training

DIY installation of a DC laser cutter is almost certainly a recipe for disaster in one way or another be it incorrect set-up leading to faulty operation, premature component failures or simply poor performance due to a lack of understanding of how best to use the laser cutter and its control software. Our support starts before the laser cutter is delivered as we help the owner with pre-installation advice to provide the optimal environment for the machine. We use professional delivery staff and supply expert installation and training to help the owner avoid unnecessary and sometimes costly inconveniences.


Industry leading after sales support

At Lotus we spend considerable time and money to factory train our staff and resellers. We even have staff trained to P601 LEV accreditation. All Lotus Laser Systems come with unlimited remote (phone/email/Skype/etc) factory support for the lifetime of the product. Our warranties are wide in scope and we offer warranty upgrades to 5 years for all parts and labour including the laser as well as preventative on-site maintenance packages so that all Lotus owners can tailor support to their individual needs and get on with using the laser cutter rather than worrying about how to fix it.


Low Cost Ownership

We invite you to compare the weight of a Blu laser cutter to alternatives and you will appreciate that Blu is ‘built like a tank’. We design these machines to last. Not only affordable to purchase, Blu laser cutters are also extremely low cost to own and maintain too. With thousands of machines in the field and with the help of our highly skilled support resources our customers report near zero failures even for machines that have been installed for 10 years or more.

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