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Siluet Case Study


The Customer

Siluet is a company based in London that design landscape silhouettes of cities located all around the world. These city silhouettes are intended to be proudly displayed indoors on walls in peoples’ homes. Siluet currently has 42 different city silhouettes for sale on its website.

The Application

Every city silhouette is handmade, and laser cut in high quality acrylic. The city silhouettes are incredibly detailed due to the need to cut small windows into the buildings. Pre cut holes are created and nails are supplied to ensure the customer just needs a hammer and a wall to display it on.

The city silhouettes are available in medium and large sizes. The acrylic is 3mm thick for the medium size and 5mm thick for the large size. The medium pieces are 60cm wide and the large ones are 100cm wide.

The Problem

The silhouettes being cut by Siluet are quite large, especially in length due to the nature of the landscape art. The large sized pieces are 100cm wide, meaning a laser cutting machine with a large working area was required.

Another challenge Siluet faced was the thickness of the acrylic being cut. The large size pieces are 5mm thick, meaning a high-quality laser is essential to cut through the material. This was especially challenging when cutting the intricate windows in the buildings. Siluet needed a laser cutting and engraving machine that could cut the large pieces quickly and precisely.

The Solution

Lotus Laser installed our largest flying optic CO2 laser cutting machine, Blu125. Access to Siluet’s property was limited due to it being in London, and we had to use a hired forklift to get the machine off the lorry. This installation was quite challenging, but it is a service we regularly provide to our customers which our competitors do not.

At 1250x900mm the working area of Blu125 is significantly larger than competing models, meaning it can easily cope with the size of the city silhouettes being cut by Siluet.

Furthermore, Blu125 can cut thicker materials than many competing laser cutting workstations due to our Graded DC laser source, making it the perfect machine for Siluet’s thick acrylic artwork without compromising the quality of the artwork.

The Result

Siluet now have a machine they can rely on to produce high-quality laser cut pieces. Blu125 is designed with longevity in mind and has low maintenance requirements, meaning it will serve Siluet for many years to come.

The lenses in our Blu laser cutter range require far less frequency of cleaning and lasts much longer than competing machines. Blu125 is easy to operate and we provide complete support to our valued customers to ensure you are comfortable using our machines.

Siluet are now benefiting from the quick processing time of Blu125, meaning they can cut the silhouettes in less time and more efficiently. Siluet’s customers expect high-quality cut landscape artwork and that is exactly what they get thanks to Siluet’s investment in our Blu125 machine.

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