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Lasercut Works Case Study


The Customer

Lasercut Works is a laser cutting and engraving service that helps various companies and individuals turn their ideas into reality. Lasercut Works is an award-winning company based in London, with expertise in laser cutting, marking, and engraving.

Lasercut Works provides other services such as CNC machining, acid etching, and spray painting. Lasercut Works’ team has a background in creative and architectural industries, bringing the skills and experience needed to create stunning designs for customers.

The Application

Lasercut Works helps brands create a wide range of products, displays, prototypes, marketing materials, and more. Brands approach Lasercut Works to create exciting, memorable designs that customers will love.

Lasercut Works use CO2 laser workstations to cut, mark, and engrave a range of materials including acrylic, wood, veneers, and card.

The Problem

Lasercut Works undertake a range of projects, both big and small. Lasercut Works needed a laser cutting machine that guaranteed almost no job is too big or too long in process time.

Lasercut Works receive large orders and work towards tight deadlines, meaning they needed a laser cutting machine that is fast and reliable.

The quality of the pieces created by Lasercut Works is crucial to customers. Therefore, the new laser cutting machine needed to reliably cut intricate details.

The Solution

Lotus Laser Systems supplied Lasercut Works with two state-of-the-art laser cutting machines, Blu100 and Blu125. These two lasers are intended for cutting, but they are also capable of marking and engraving materials.

Both machines have large work areas, allowing Lasercut Works to create larger pieces and more challenging designs.

Blu100 and Blu125 are high powered machines with fast cutting speeds and low processing times, allowing Lasercut Works to cut large quantities each day.

The large work area and fast cutting speed of both lasers improve Lasercut Works’ throughput and ability to meet tight deadlines.

Equipped with 100w of DC laser power, Blu125 is capable of cutting thicker materials such as 20mm acrylic faster than competing machines in its class.

Blu125 is an incredibly precise laser cutting machine due to the geared motion control, delivering a superior edge quality. This technology allows Lasercut Works to create incredibly intricate designs for customers.

Blu100 is a versatile laser cutting workstation suited towards the majority of sheet cutting applications. Blu100 is sized to minimise material waste and is designed with underside extraction which significantly reduces system contamination, a common flaw in competing models at this size.

The new machines were first used by Lasercut Works to create PPE. The machines were used for over 24 hours straight, demonstrating their reliability under constant use.

Our Blu lasers are expertly designed to ensure they require very little maintenance and minimal faults are reported, even under heavy use.

The Customer Says

“We have great experience dealing with Lotus Laser Systems. They handled the installation of the Blu100 and Blu125 professionally, with a quick turnaround. The machines are expertly designed and modestly priced. We can count on these machines to meet our customers’ expectations and deliver fantastic results.”


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