Lotus Laser Systems Eco policy

Lotus Laser Eco Policy: Laser systems are highly efficient and eco-friendly compared to alternative cutting and marking systems. As their popularity grows, we want to continue making the process as eco-friendly as possible.

Lotus Laser Systems eco policy


One of the most significant factors for why laser marking is fast replacing other forms of product coding and identification is the high efficiency and eco friendliness of our technology and process
At Lotus Laser Systems we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and we outline below some examples to show this. This policy is under constant review and update


We do not purchase/distribute printed brochures. Our brochures are entirely in an electronic format and are to be found online or sent by email.
We have a similar policy for producing user guides, quotations, process reports and other such documentation.
In the few circumstances where printed information is requested we use laser printed recycled paper to produce


Our design/manufacturing/support facilities in the UK and China have been designed and built to be as energy efficient as possible. For two examples, we use electric powered fork trucks and have a lighting system that is motion sensor activated.


Wherever possible, at a component grade we choose to use materials that are lightweight, durable, long-lasting and easily recyclable. All of our machines comply with RoHS directives.


We try to keep packaging to a minimum. The wooden crates that protect the systems we transport globally are professionally manufactured from sustainable sources and comply with IPPC directives.

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