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We are aware that laser technology can be complex. If you’re considering whether a laser system is right for you or you’re an existing user, there might be queries or concerns you want to allay. To help you, we have answered the most frequently asked questions below.

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Lotus Laser Systems is a brand wholly owned by Laserite Ltd, a UK company incorporated in 1995. We exclusively specialise in the design and manufacture of laser cutting and marking devices. All of our systems are supplied and supported by a network of highly skilled and experienced distribution partners around the globe.

All of our systems are designed, assembled, configured and tested at Laserite HQ in Basildon, UK. Although some components are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers around the world.

Unlike most alternative providers, especially the larger companies, we have extensive first-hand experience of each stage of the supply process – user, distributor and supplier.

This unique development gives us a better understanding about the needs of our customers. A service that can’t be replicated by our competitors.

Our hardware/software is designed to deliver as near perfect a balance as possible between our core design fundamentals: Functionality. Affordability. Reliability.

We live in a world of fast-changing circumstances. The speed with which our designs can evolve to compensate for the changing needs of our customers makes Lotus Laser Systems different.

Lotus Laser Systems can be found in world-leading schools and universities, architectural practices, commercial outlets and fully-automated ‘lights-out’ industrial factories.

We measure successful service against being as fast, efficient and friendly as possible – from the moment of first contact to the end of the relationship.

We are proud to commit a lot of resource to developing our product line, support resources, brand culture and staff training. We are here to support you. Your trusted laser expert.

We are always seeking new distribution/support partners to represent our brand. To qualify for distributor status, your company must have a stable, well-documented history and a trading ethos in line with our culture of putting customers first.

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Our CO2 cutting lasers are designed as ‘off-the-shelf’ systems for general low-power cutting applications, so are limited in terms of customisation options. In contrast, our CO2 and Fiber laser marking solutions are fully customisable for simple or complex automated part-handling.

In a word; no. Like many industries, ours suffers from marketing hype that blurs the lines between fact and faction. It is our strategy to distance our brand from this so we can give our customers an impartial service.

A laser system relies on its source – a good one has a proven track record over many years. At the heart of our machines is the best technology from world-leading suppliers Synrad (USA) and IPG (Germany).